Has there ever been a hurricane Evan?

Has there ever been a hurricane Evan?

Over the next couple of days the depression gradually developed further before it was named Evan on December 12, as it had developed into a tropical cyclone….Cyclone Evan.

Category 4 severe tropical cyclone (Aus scale)
Lowest pressure 943 hPa (mbar); 27.85 inHg
Fatalities 14 confirmed
Damage $312.8 million (2012 USD)

Does Fiji get hit by hurricanes?

Cyclone season runs from November to April in Fiji. Here are our top tips to stay safe and be prepared during the wet season in Fiji. Cyclones (hurricanes and typhoons to those in the northern hemisphere) are unpredictable by their nature, and it pays to be prepared.

Which was the strongest cyclone in Fiji?

Fierce Cyclone Yasa strikes Fiji as one of the country’s most powerful storms. Tropical Cyclone Yasa struck the low-lying Pacific island nation of Fiji on Thursday evening local time, as one of the strongest storms to hit there.

When did Cyclone Evan hit Fiji?

On 17 Dec, TC Evan reached Fiji as a Category 4 storm, causing widespread destruction of infrastructure and loss of property. The Government of Fiji declared a state of natural disaster for the Northern and Western Divisions.

When did the cyclone hit Samoa?

The worst effects were recorded in Samoa, where seven people were killed. Roughly 200 people were evacuated, and 10 to 20 others were injured through the islands….Cyclone Ofa.

Category 4 severe tropical cyclone (Aus scale)
Cyclone Ofa on February 3, 1990
Formed January 27, 1990 (UTC)
Dissipated February 10, 1990 (UTC)

Are there sharks in Fiji waters?

Most of the species found in Fiji can be found in the waters of the Somosomo Strait, which means those divers hoping to see sharks are in with a very good chance! Reef sharks will be the most common sight, while leopard sharks and hammerhead sharks are also likely to be seen.

Do tsunamis happen in Fiji?

Eleven tsunamis have been recorded in Fiji. of which three were generated within Fiji waters. The most damaging tsunami in Fiji was in 1953.

How often does Fiji have hurricanes?

Due to Fiji’s geographic location, Fiji suffers from an extended tropical cyclone season, starting in November and ending in April. With usually 2 tropical cyclones a year, there comes a lot of heavy rainfall, extreme winds, and also enables the sea level to rise.