How do you play billiards on Wii?

How do you play billiards on Wii?


  1. Hold the Wii Remote vertically.
  2. Change the aim of the pool ball by using the D-Pad controls left and right.
  3. Use the Wii Remote to point at the ball.
  4. Press the B Button while moving it away from the sensor to adjust your hit strength.
  5. Release the B Button while moving the remote towards it to hit the ball.

How do you get platinum in Wii play billiards?

The game is played nine-ball style. The object is to pot all the balls into the holes at the least shots needed. You get a foul if you fail to hit the correct number ball, pot the cue ball, or shoot the cue ball off the table….Here are the medal requirements:

  1. Platinum: 60+
  2. Gold: 50-59.
  3. Silver: 30-49.
  4. Bronze: 20-29.

Where is the cue ball on break?

On the break, the first shot of the game, the cue ball must be played from behind the head string (i.e., in the “kitchen”).

Does Wii have a pool game?

Step into the pool hall: Tournament Pool is the most graphically stunning Wii pool game ever. Features life like visuals and animations, Tournament Pool immerses you in the high stakes world of professional billiards.

How do you beat the tank in Wii Play?

Players score a point for each enemy tank they destroy, and whoever destroys the most tanks wins. Friendly fire is a feature, with players able to attack each other should they choose. However, there are no lives, and the game is ended when both players are defeated within the same mission.

Does a break cue make a difference?

Should you hold a break cue differently than the basic cue? There’s no big difference between how to hold a pool cue differently from a break cue. The most important thing to note is the grip, provided you have the right break cue; that with a hard tip, short ferrule, thick shaft, and butt to power your shot.

Why does cue ball jump on break?

No matter how level you try to keep a cuestick when playing, the table rails force a slight downward angle. This causes the cueball to jump into the air slightly whenever you strike it hard–especially when breaking, because this is the most powerful stroke in the game.

What happens if you hit the 8-ball in on the break?

According to the APA, if the 8 ball is pocketed on the break, that player wins. However, if they also scratch, then it is an immediate loss. This is very straightforward and is a simple rule to follow. However, the league can also issue penalties for not breaking correctly, resulting in an illegal break.

What happens if the cue ball doesn’t hit anything?

If, during the course of a shot, the cue ball does not touch anything. 10. Exercise caution when placing the cue ball on the table. The cue ball is always “LIVE” and if the cue ball or the hand holding or moving it touches another ball, it is a cue ball foul and your opponent will receive “ball in hand”.

What Wii game has pool?

Pool Hall Pro – Nintendo Wii

  • Nintendo Wii.
  • PC.

What do red tanks do in Wii Play?

You play as either P1 or P2. P1 is a cobalt blue tank, while P2 is a crimson red tank (be careful not to get P2 mixed up with the enemy red tanks that first appear in Level 10). Player tanks move at a normal speed. They can fire five slow bullets at a time, which ricochet once.