How much is a ACJ jet?

How much is a ACJ jet?

$81 million
Airbus just introduced the private jet variant of the popular A220-100 airliner called the ACJ220 or “TwoTwenty.” The $81 million jet can house six living areas including a full shower and king-size bed while seating 18.

How much is a ACJ319neo?

If you’re in love with the Infinito, you’d better have deep pockets. The basic Airbus ACJ319neo purchase price starts at $99.5 million, and that’s before you start on the cost of the Infinito interior.

What is ACJ range?

Range. 8,500km (4,600nm) to 11,100km (6,000nm)

How much is an Airbus ACJ319?

Airbus ACJ319 Specs

Price New $73M
Year Started 1998
Year Ended In Production

How much is the ACJ 220?

It is marketing an aircraft with three times the space of a traditional business jet, but at a price level of around $80 million.

How much is an ACJ two twenty?

Airbus Corporate Jets said the TwoTwenty represents “a new and unique value proposition to business aviation buyers,” featuring intercontinental range and expansive personal space spread over six living areas at a price of about $72 million.

How fast can a Gulfstream G650 fly?

610 mphGulfstream G650/G700/G800 / Top speed

How much is a Gulfstream G650?

$65 million
Gulfstream G650 Facts While the list price for a new G650 is $65 million, used aircraft are currently listed starting at $39 million.

How much is an ACJ 220?

What is the range of a Gulfstream G700?

7,500 nm
Powered by two Rolls Royce Pearl 700 engines producing 18,255 lbf each, allows the G700 to carry 8 passengers an NBAA IFR range of 7,500 nm with a max cruise speed of 516 ktas.

How much does an Airbus A220 100 cost?

Air Austral’s three shiny new A220s are listed with a current market value of $38.07 million. This is just 41.6% of the 2018 list price for the aircraft. Back in 2018, the A220-100 was given a list price of $81 million by Airbus. Delta Air Lines has the highest value Airbus A220-100.