Is Alfa Romeo 156 a good car?

Is Alfa Romeo 156 a good car?

Alfa 156 Sportwagon 2.0 TS. The car’s performance is very good, although the (excellent) gearbox has to be used freely to get the most from it. The ride and handling compromise is also very good and the fuel consumption reasonable (average 33 mpg).

Which Alfas had the Busso engine?

The Alfa Romeo V6 engine (also called the Busso V6) was a 60° V6 engine made by Alfa Romeo from 1979 to 2005. It was developed in the early 1970s by Giuseppe Busso, and used on the Alfa 6 with a displacement of 2.5 L (2,492 cc) and a SOHC 12-valve cylinder head….

Alfa Romeo V6 engine
Power output 97–184 kW (132–250 PS)

How many Alfa Romeo 156 GTA were made?

The GTA did not take the Giugiaro designed facelift introduced to the 156 in 2002, but continued with the acclaimed Walter de Silva design to the very end of production, where a total of 1,973 berlinas were made.

Who is Busso?

The nickname “Busso” is in tribute to the engines creator Giuseppe Busso, the former Ferrari engineer who developed this engine in the early 70’s to go in the brand-new Alfa 6 saloon, however, this was put on hold amid the fuel crisis, so by the time this 2.5 liter 12v V6 was introduced in 1979, it was already 6 years …

What is Alfa Romeo logo?

Alfa Romeo Symbol Meaning Since its origins in 1910, the Alfa Romeo logo has remained a split design with two halves. Each half represents a traditional symbol of Milan: the cross of the municipality on the left, and the Visconti serpent on the right.

Who designed the Alfa 156?

Walter de’Silva
Designed by Walter de’Silva, head of Alfa Romeo’s Centro Stile from 1986 to 1999, the 156 is a great piece of design – both conceptually and aesthetically. It is the true embodiment of the Italian brand’s DNA, translated into sculpture. And what a sculpture it is!