How can I get doctor license in UAE?

How can I get doctor license in UAE?

Valid Good Standing Certificate issued by tour last country’s licensing authority is mandatory for Physicians. Medical fitness test (if applicant age is 65 and above), and the test should be conducted only by medical fitness center-DHA. Valid Passport Copy. Recent Photo.

How can I pass DHA exam for doctors?

How to Pass DHA Exam Easily?

  1. Know the DHA exam syllabus.
  2. Clearly understand the exam duration.
  3. Attend the DHA mock tests.
  4. Revise the previous years’ question papers.
  5. Be mindful of DHA exam types.
  6. Understand the DHA test score.
  7. Prepare the exam documents.
  8. Be updated on the DHA exam syllabus.

How can I work as a doctor in Dubai?

Doctors are required to undergo a licensure examination in their home country and have at least 4 years of medical practice in order to get a job as a medical practitioner in Dubai. Doctors and other health professionals are also required to prepare for a detailed CV if they want to apply for a job in Dubai.

Can I convert my DHA license to HAAD?

It is a signed memorandum of agreement wherein an individual who is practicing his or her medical profession, will be able to convert or transfer medical license from one issuing authority to another, such as DHA to HAAD.

Is Haad exam difficult?

HAAD examination results usually go through a standardized difficulty assessment and the passing score is usually pegged around 60-65%. DHA Exam is a Licensing exam given to all medicos who are interested to work in Dubai.

What is the difference between DHA and Haad?

DHA license – this permit from the DHA gives you permission to practice in Dubai. HAAD license – the HAAD license permits you to provide professional healthcare in Abu Dhabi. MOH license – the MOH license permits you to work in the medical field in the 5 other emirates.

Can I work as a doctor in Dubai?