What is public community string in SNMP?

What is public community string in SNMP?

A community string or SNMP community string is a user ID or password that is sent along with a Get-Request. An SNMP community string is used to allow access to statistics within a managed device or router. A device can access data within other connected devices with the correct community string.

What is SNMP public and private community string?

In addition, the public community string is viewed as a “read-only” request, permitting the network administrator to view—but not modify—the remote device. The “private” community string is a more powerful option in that it allows the network administrator to “read/write” to the remote system.

Does SNMP version 3 use community strings?

SNMPv3 also uses community strings, but allows for secure authentication and communication between SNMP manager and agent.

What is SNMP agent default community name public?

The community string “public” is a default on a number of SNMP servers. This community string can allow attackers to gain a large amount of information about the SNMP server and the network it monitors. Attackers may even reconfigure or shut down devices remotely.

What are the two types of community strings?

It uses two types of community string: read-only and read-write. The read-only community string allows access to management information base (MIB) objects on a read-only basis.

How set SNMP community in PRTG?

The SNMP Community is considered a credential and as such will be a setting on the “Device Tree” (Head to “Devices” to see the Device Tree). Within the settings tab of root, scroll down until you locate Credentials for SNMP Devices, configure it as required/desired.

How do I change the default SNMP community string?


  1. In a text editor such as vi, open the /etc/snmp/snmpd. conf file for editing.
  2. Change following line: com2sec notConfigUser default public to. com2sec notConfigUser default
  3. Save the file.
  4. To make the changes take effect, restart the SNMP service by running the following command as root:

How do you fix the SNMP agent default community name public vulnerability?

Solution. Disable the SNMP service on the remote host if you do not use it. Either filter incoming UDP packets going to this port, or change the default community string.

How do I change the default community string?