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What is the most interesting or surprising thing you learned about Simon Bolivar?

What is the most interesting or surprising thing you learned about Simon Bolivar?

Simon Bolivar Was a Brilliant Tactician Who Did the Unexpected. Bolívar was a gifted general who knew when to take a big gamble. In 1813, as Spanish forces in Venezuela were closing in around him, he and his army made a mad dash forward, taking the key city of Caracas before the Spanish even knew he was gone.

What is the main ideas of Simon Bolivar speech?

In the speech, Bolívar lays the foundations for the establishment of democratically governed Gran Colombia that is free from the burden of slavery and racial inequality.

What did Simon Bolivar give to Bolivia?

As “The Liberator,” Bolívar liberated or helped liberate four territories: New Granada (1819), Venezuela (1821), Quito (1822), and Peru (1824). He established one—Bolivia—in the region formerly known as Upper Peru (1825).

How many statues of Simon Bolivar are there?

three casts
Simon Bolivar, also known as General Bolivar, is a bronze equestrian statue of Simón Bolívar by Adamo Tadolini. There are three casts….Simón Bolívar (Tadolini)

Simon Bolivar
Medium Bronze
Subject Simón Bolívar
Location Lima, Peru (1850s); Caracas, Venezuela (1870s); San Francisco, United States of America

How historically accurate is Bolívar on Netflix?

Be that as it may, despite its shortcomings, the Netflix series is a good opportunity to learn about many details of Bolívar’s life (it is, for the most part, historically accurate—but not sufficiently critical), and Venezuelans who oppose Maduro should come to understand that it makes little sense to seek to topple a …

On what basis does Bolívar say the Americas should be free?

During Simon Bolivar’s address at the Congress of Angostura, in 1819, he argued for the freedom of the people of Latin America. He stated that government should work in favor of the people because they are all “American by birth and European by law”, and that they should have the same rights as the other Europeans.

What was Bolívar’s ultimate goal?

Bolivar’s basic objectives were liberation and independence, and his criticism of the ancien regime was conditioned by these. Liberty, he said, is ‘the only object worth the sacrifice of a man’s life’.

How does Bolivar say he will deal with the Spanish?

Bolivar says he will deal with the Spanish by opening to them a path to friendships. He says the Spanish are invited to live peacefully with him, only if they speak against their crimes and change their ways. If the spanish do not do this, they will be considered an enemy and punished, or even shot.

How accurate is Netflix Bolivar?

Is Bolivia named after Bolivar?

Bolivia is named after the independence fighter Simon Bolivar; it broke away from Spanish rule in 1825; much of its subsequent history has consisted of a series of nearly 200 coups and counter-coups.

Is Bolívar worth watching?

If that fits you, then this is a good series to watch. The actors are good, the scenery nice, the story well developed. It’s a good quality telenovela along the lines of another great Colombian telenovela – La Niña. And 60 episodes give me lots of practice with my Spanish!