Who is organist at Rochester Cathedral?

Who is organist at Rochester Cathedral?

Francesca Massey
Francesca Massey (born 1982) is the Organist and Director of Music at Rochester Cathedral, taking the position in September 2019.

Who is organist at Winchester Cathedral?

Andrew Lumsden (born 1962) is a British organist and musician. He has been organist and director of music at Winchester Cathedral from 2002.

Who is organist at Lincoln Cathedral?

Colin Walsh (organist)
Colin Walsh is an English organist, who has played many recitals in various religious venues in England as well as two at the Royal Festival Hall.

Who is the organist at Hereford Cathedral?

Geraint Bowen (musician)
Geraint Bowen (born in London, 11 January 1963) is a British conductor and organist. He is Organist and Director of Music at Hereford Cathedral.

Is Richard McVeigh married?

Richard McVeigh is the founder and CEO of MarketAxess, an American entrepreneur and publicly traded financial technology company. Richard was born in the United States in 1967. In 1959, Richard married Lara Spencer in September 2018.

Who is Richard McVeigh?

Richard McVeigh (@richmcveigh) / Twitter. Composer, arranger, pianist, organist and conductor.

What Is a Father Willis organ?

When installed at Winchester in 1854 it was the first cathedral organ in the world to have thumb pistons and a concave and radiating pedalboard, both the inventions of “Father” Willis (in collaboration with Wesley in the case of the pedalboard) and now standard features of organs throughout English-speaking countries.

How old is Lincoln Cathedral?

950Lincoln Cathedral / Age (c. 1072-2008)

Who is a venerable in the Anglican Church?

Priests of the Carthusian order (other than the prior-general) are addressed as “Venerable” (rather than “Reverend,” as in other orders). In the Church of England, venerable is the proper title of address for an archdeacon.

Why is Tonbridge a bishop?

The title takes its name after Tonbridge, a market town in Kent; the see was erected under the Suffragans Nomination Act 1888 by Order in Council dated 11 September 1958. The bishop assists the diocesan Bishop of Rochester as well as having a particular ministry in the Archdeaconry of Tonbridge.