Who makes the Silver Eagle bus?

Who makes the Silver Eagle bus?

Eagle bus

1971 Bus & Car Continental Trailways Golden Eagle 42303 (Frame Number 8410) on display at the Museum of Bus Transportation in Hershey, PA.
Manufacturer Kässbohrer La Brugeoise Bus & Car Eagle International Inc Eagle Bus Manufacturing Silver Eagle Bus Manufacturing
Production 1955-96

What is Eagle bus?

Eagle Express Bus Services Eagle Express presently has a number of buses operating in the country. It is currently offering its services in various Indian states. Eagle Express also provide night buses. By booking your bus tickets, you can get the services of Eagle Express.

Who builds American Eagle motorhomes?

REV Recreation Group
Following continual customer requests throughout the 1980s for the ultimate luxury motorhome, REV Recreation Group unveiled the first American Coach in 1991, the American Eagle.

Is American Coach still in business?

American Coach is currently under the REV Group Inc. company umbrella. It shares a spot in this group with other RV manufacturers and companies like Fleetwood RV, Monaco Coach, Renegade RV, Fleetwood RV, Lance, and more.

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Where are American Eagle motorhomes made?

Like many other major RV manufactures, American Coach is based out of Decatur, Indiana. There is a manufacturing facility on Winchester st in Decatur.

Who owns American Coach RV?

REV Group, Inc.
American Coach is part of REV Group, Inc., a leader in the motor vehicle industry for bus, emergency, recreation and specialty markets.