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What is the gain of a 2 meter J pole antenna?

What is the gain of a 2 meter J pole antenna?

about 3 db
Average gain with a 2 meter J-Pole is about 3 db. Many like to compare the gain and antenna pattern to that of a Ringo Ranger. The biggest advantage of the J-Pole is that it is at DC ground, so it can be mounted just about anywhere and still work.

Will a 2 meter antenna work on 440?

The 2 meter 1/4 wave will about a 3/4 wave(?) on 440 so it should work fine.

Will a 2 meter antenna work for 70cm?

The reason that 2m / 70cm antennas exist is because they are harmonically related – 145MHz (2m) x 3 = 435MHz (70cm), so antennas for 2m are somewhat useful for 70cm as well – if not completely optimal.

How long is a full wave 2 meter antenna?

Description: The antenna is basically a quad, 1 full wavelength at 2 meters. Part of a wavelength on top and part on the bottom in the form of two loops connected together. The feed point is in the vertical plane of the antenna between the loops so it’s basic polarization would be vertical.

Will a UHF antenna work for GMRS?

We have found that the best antenna for GMRS radios where little to no metallic ground plane is available is the RFMAX RBC-450-5-NS. The RFMAX RBC-450-5-NS is a UHF whip antenna with an NMO base and NO metal ground plane required. It also has a a SPRING base so that the antenna does not get damaged in the wild.

Does AJ pole antenna need a ground?

J-Pole antennas are half wave antennas by design. But instead of an RF ground, the antenna should have an electrical ground to protect it in case of a lightning strike. An electrical ground doesn’t enhance the RF radiation of the antenna, but it is an important safety feature on any installation.

How long is a half wave 2 meter antenna?

This deign is incredibly resistant to the anticipated rigors of the end user abuses, while providing an efficient and stable radiating device suitable for today’s receivers and transmitters below 25 watts. Telescope length 8″ Down and 36″ up.