What is the numbers gang in South Africa?

What is the numbers gang in South Africa?

The Numbers Gang is a crime organization that started as a prison gang with one of the most fearsome reputations in South Africa. Although they were founded in KwaZulu-Natal, it is believed that they are present in most South African prisons.

What is a 27 gangster?

Known as the men of blood, and the most violent of the Numbers, the 27s are the most secretive members of the secretive sub-culture of the prison gangs. The 27s monitor and enforce the laws and codes of the Numbers, and may negotiate and mediate between the 26s and the 28s.

Who is the leader of the numbers gang?

Welcome Witbooi is a South African former gangster leader. He was the Number Gang’s leader that ruled South Africa’s prisons in a notoriously ruthless and secretive manner. He had to do what was needed of him to rise through the ranks and survive prison until one day when he decided enough was enough.

HOW DID number gang start in South Africa?

The three predominant gangs operating in South Africa’s prisons today are the 28s, 27s and 26s, known collectively as the “number gangs.” They trace their origins, by an elaborate oral history, to the late nineteenth century, when gangs were formed in the all-male compounds occupied by migrant laborers working in the …

Who is the leader of the 28 gang?

It took the State almost six years to conclude charges against alleged 28s gang leader Ralph Stanfield, his wife, Nicole, his sister, Fransesca, and 16 others. The 109 charges the group faces relate to a gun-licensing racket involving corrupt police officials based at the Central Firearm Registry (CFR).

Who is the biggest gang in Cape Town?

The Americans
In Cape Town, the two largest gangs are The Americans and the Hard Livings, which function as umbrella organisations for many smaller gangs that are allied with the two super gangs.

Who is the biggest drug lord in South Africa?

In 2012, he was sentenced in absentia to eight years of imprisonment for fraud totalling CZK 108,000,000. In November, 2013, he was arrested and charged with kidnapping and attempted murder in South Africa….

Radovan Krejčíř
Criminal status 15.5 years in the Czech Republic 35 years in South Africa