Can you simmer with a MSR Reactor?

Can you simmer with a MSR Reactor?

The MSR Reactor Stove System is not the lightest weight backpacking stove available or the most flexible because it can’t simmer, but it boils water really fast and is 40% more efficient than most other pot & canister stove combinations.

Is the MSR Reactor worth it?

The Reactor is a great tool for boiling water very fast and will stand up to all kinds of weather. However, it lacks some of the conveniences of the other integrated canister stoves. Only backpackers who are also serious about alpine climbing, mountaineering, or backcountry ski trips should consider this stove.

How does MSR Reactor work?

Unlike traditional burners, the Reactor uses a special metal foam to provide 100% primary air combustion. The foam is made only one place in the world from a high-tech alloy called “Fecralloy”. This comes from the chemical composition of the metal itself – FeCrAlY.

Can you cook in MSR WindBurner?

SIMMER CONTROL – The WindBurner has good simmer control, though we mostly use this stove for boiling water in the backcountry. That said, this is a nice feature to have, even if it’s just to keep the pot from boiling over.

Can you use a pan on MSR WindBurner?

Can I use any pot on a WindBurner® stove? Because of the WindBurner stove’s unique radiant burner design, only WindBurner pots may be used on WindBurner stoves. It’s important to remember that each WindBurner stove system is just that—a system, which requires its burner and its specially engineered pot.

Does MSR WindBurner have a regulator?

At MSR, a substantial amount of the R&D that went into our WindBurner stove system and new PocketRocket Deluxe was dedicated to its regulator alone. The precision tolerances that are built into a quality regulator are critical and take a great deal of engineering time to achieve.

Will MSR fuel work with Jetboil?

Any fuel canister with an “EN417” nozzle will work with JetBoil stoves. This is a common standard that includes isobutane/propane fuel canisters from MSR, Primus, GasOne, and Snowpeak. You can also use butane/propane mixtures, such as Coleman. Basically, as long as the canister fits, it will work.