How do you beat memory in Alessa?

How do you beat memory in Alessa?

She will use the block technique to block all damage you do, including shots from firearms. Either try and get behind Alessa to deal some damage, or wait until she’s about to melee attack for an open shot. If you don’t use a Shotgun or Submachine Gun, you will most likely get hit by her attack while you hit her.

Does Heather have Alessa’s memories?

Silent Hill: Revelation Although Heather is almost killed, she is able to overcome Dark Alessa’s power by re-combining with her. However, she is never referred to as Memory of Alessa in creator interviews (she is instead called “Dark Alessa”), and her role and meaning are very different from that of the game character.

How do you beat the final boss in Silent Hill?

Equip your rifle, handgun, or shotgun. If you see lightning, either run away or shoot into her chest. Shooting into her chest will cause more damage than regular shots, but it is a good idea to run away.

How do you beat the God in Silent Hill 3?

To defeat God you must weaken it and lower its head. There are two ways to force it to lower its head. You can either shoot it to force it to lower its head, or you can melee attack it when its hip starts jutting outward. Do not try to melee attack it at any other time.

Why is Cheryl in Silent Hill?

Cheryl is made up of the spirit of Alessa Gillespie, a young girl who was burned at the stake for having supernatural abilities by The Order–a cult in Silent Hill. Surviving the attempt at her life, Alessa split the half of her soul with good memories, which found its way into a baby: Cheryl.

Why does Cheryl go by Heather?

Five years after the events of the first game, Harry killed a cult member in self-defense during an attempted kidnapping of Cheryl. Harry was acquitted in court and relocated to another town to hide incognito. To ensure Cheryl’s safety, he dyed her hair from brunette to blonde and renamed her “Heather”.

Who Is God Silent Hill 3?

God in the Order’s mythology (Silent Hill 3). God is a manifestation of the Order’s namesake deity, yet does not resemble Her in the paintings. She is a powerful god that is much like the Incubus or Incubator, in which She spawns in a physical form determined by the birth mother’s thoughts of how she should look.

What is Cheryl Mason real name?

Cheryl Heather Mason
Cheryl appears in the reimagining Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, in which her full name is given as “Cheryl Heather Mason”, making her something of a combination of the original character’s two incarnations.

Why is Heather in Silent Hill 3?

Between Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3 Five years later, they were attacked by a member of the Order in Portland, and Harry killed him in self-defense. In an attempt to throw the cult off if they come and look for them, he renamed her “Heather”, dyed her hair blonde, and relocated to another city.