What is Calypso program?

What is Calypso program?

Calypso is a human-friendly robot intelligence framework: * Learn programming and computational thinking with Calypso. * Free curriculum activities guide you to experiment with computer vision, speech recognition, and artificial intelligence. * Works with any Cozmo robot.

What is the latest version of Calypso?

13 released. Feb 04, 2022. Calypso 1.0. 13 has been released for Windows, Mac, and Cloud.

  • 11 released. Dec 29, 2021. Calypso 1.0. 11 has been released for Windows, Mac, and Cloud.
  • 09 released. Jul 05, 2021. Calypso 1.0. 09 has been released.
  • 07 released. Apr 07, 2021. Calypso 1.0.
  • 05 released. Nov 17, 2020. Calypso 1.0.
  • What is Zeiss CMM?

    Bridge coordinate measuring machines from ZEISS have a precise probe system that convinces with high measuring speed. The various solutions and systems can be tailored directly to individual requirements.

    What is Zeiss forum?

    FORUMĀ® from ZEISS is a scalable and flexible ophthalmic data management solution. It streamlines practice workflows by connecting your devices and providing access to all patient examination data which allows you to make confident decisions at a glance.

    Why was calypso banished?

    Calypso was a third generation Titaness, a daughter of Atlas. As punishment for her support in the First Titanomachy, she was banished to Ogygia, a remote island where different heroes whom she couldn’t help but fall in love with would end up. None of those heroes whom she falls for would ever be able to stay with her.

    What is the accuracy of a ZEISS CMM?

    Small and precise Equipped with the VAST XT gold high-end sensor from ZEISS and navigator technology, ZEISS MICURA offers active scanning with measuring accuracy of less than one micrometer.

    What is Zeiss veracity?

    ZEISS announced today the introduction to the US market of VERACITYTM Surgical, a powerful, intuitive cloud-based platform for cataract surgery planning, logistics, treatment, risk management and analysis.