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What is the most popular color for stucco?

What is the most popular color for stucco?

What is the best color for stucco? Colors with a high light reflective value (LRV) are often the best colors for stucco exteriors, since they reflect more UV radiation away from the paint surface, preserving the pigment longer. This includes lighter shades of brown, grey, sandstone, off-white, and, of course, white.

Can stucco be smooth?

Fortunately, you can smooth over rough stucco by applying a coat of another product, and finishing with tools designed to give walls a flat, glossy finish. Say goodbye to rough, harsh stucco walls and turn your home into a sleek expression of modern style.

How do I choose a stucco color?

Pick colors that work well with these features, your landscape, as well as any permanent fixtures on/or around your house. If you have a black or gray roof, consider gray, blue, white, or yellow for your stucco exterior. For a brown or dark tan roof, consider tan, brown, red, green, or cream exterior stucco.

Can you smooth out exterior stucco?

The Process of Smoothing Stucco In most cases there’s no need to remove the old stucco to create a smoother surface. A stucco pro will simply apply a new texture over the existing one. The pro’s first step will be to power-wash the home. After that, the pro will apply a new stucco base coat.

How much does it cost to smooth stucco a house?

Smooth stucco finish costs $8 per square foot or $770 for a single-story wall if it’s a fresh installation. When installing smooth stucco over a wall that already has textured stucco, it costs $4.50 per square foot or $435 for an eight by 12-foot wall.

Does paint look lighter or darker on stucco?

Select lighter hues. While a smooth surface reflects light and makes colors appear lighter, a porous surface like stucco absorbs light, so the color will look darker. As well, glossy wall paint will be lighter in color, whereas a matte finish will appear darker.