Can you use bell boots on horses?

Can you use bell boots on horses?

Bell boots, also called overreach boots, are used to prevent overreaching, where a horse hits his front heels with the toes of his back feet. They can be worn while riding or in the paddock.

Why do horses wear bell boots in the pasture?

Bell boots, sometimes called overreach boots, cover a horse’s front feet from the pastern over the coronary band and the hoof wall down to the heel. Bell boots provide protection from interference from the hind feet, which can overreach or clip the front feet during riding or turnout.

Do horses without shoes need bell boots?

They wrap around the front hoofs and cover the vulnerable coronary band and heel bulbs, which are crucial for preventing lacerations to these sensitive areas. We often use bell boots when training our horses or for those prone to overreaching and injuring themselves. But not all horses need bell boots.

When Should horses wear tendon boots?

These boots are designed to be used for jumping and cross country so are made from a tougher material to protect from more serious impacts and strikes. Tendon boots protect the horse’s front legs from strikes from the hind hooves which can occur when landing a jump.

How do you measure for bell boots?

Correctly sized bell boot should just touch the ground behind the bulbs of the heel while the horse is standing. The mouth of the bell boot should be just loose enough to fit a finger or two between it and the horse’s pastern. If the pull-on boot is too large, they can be easily ripped off.

What are the best bell boots for English horses?

Professional’s Choice has a quality line of bell boots and overreach boots for both the Western and English horse. The Ballistic Bell boots and Ballistic Overreach boots are shaped to conform to the hoof shape and have a no-slip design. The Professional’s Choice Ballistic bell boots are available in a variety of colors and designs.

Which professional’s choice horse boots are the best?

Professional’s Choice VenTECH Elite SMB Sport Boots, Professional’s Choice SMB3 Sport Boots and the Professional’s Choice SMBII boots all have 360 degrees of protection with suspensory strap that make Professional’s Choice sport horse boots renowned.

What are the different styles of professional choice® boots?

Our selection of Professional Choice® boots are available in different styles, including VenTECH Elite, ballistic Professional’s Choice bell boots, pro performance hybrid Professional Choice splint boots, Professional Choice® SMB boots, show jump boots and overreach boots.

Who is professional’s choice?

Professional’s Choice Horse Boots History and Facts Founded in 1976, Professional’s Choice Sports Medicine Products, Inc. is a market leader renowned for revolutionizing the horse boot industry. Professional’s Choice products offer injuries prevention and aid in the rehabilitation of injuries.