How is hemin administered?

How is hemin administered?

PANHEMATIN Administration Reconstitute PANHEMATIN by adding 48 mL of Sterile Water for Injection, USP. Because PANHEMATIN contains no preservative and undergoes rapid chemical decomposition in solution, it must be reconstituted immediately before use.

Is hemin the same as hematin?

Chemically, hemin differs from the related heme-compound hematin chiefly in that the coordinating ion is a chloride ion in hemin, whereas the coordinating ion is a hydroxide ion in hematin. The iron ion in haem is ferrous (Fe2+), whereas it is ferric (Fe3+) in both hemin and hematin.

What is hemin injection?

HEMIN (HEE min) is used to treat some forms of a hereditary condition known as acute intermittent porphyria. This medicine may be used for other purposes; ask your health care provider or pharmacist if you have questions.

What is Hematin made of?

Organometallic Chemistry of Drugs Based on Iron During the catabolism of hemoglobin (Hb) in the plasmodial digestive vacuole (DV) to supply the malaria parasites with extracellular nutrients, free heme or Fe(II)-protoporphyrin-lX that is toxic to the parasite is released and gets oxidized to form hematin.

What is the difference between heme and hemin?

Heme and hemin are porphyrin protein molecules. The key difference between heme and hemin is that heme contains ferrous ion, whereas hemin contains ferric ion. Furthermore, hemin molecules contain chloride atoms in the chemical structure, whereas heme does not contain chloride atoms.

What is the meaning of hematin?

Definition of hematin : a brownish-black or bluish-black derivative C34H33N4O5Fe of oxidized heme also : any of several similar compounds.

How is hermin given?

Hermin Injection 200 ml should be given intravenously (IV) and not intramuscularly. Exercise caution in case of a history of allergic disorders or a known allergy to amino acids, or any of the components of Hermin Injection 200 ml.

Where is hematin found?

In the malaria parasite, heme (and its ferric (iron(III)) form, hematin) is found in relatively high concentrations, predominantly as a by-product of the parasite’s digestion of host cell hemoglobin.