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What does a hexagon ring mean?

What does a hexagon ring mean?

Much like the name suggests, a hexagon engagement ring is when the ring’s stone is cut into the shape of a hexagon; however, other shapes—often round-cut gemstones—can be placed in a hexagon-shaped setting to appear more angular.

What is Art Deco style ring?

What are Art Deco engagement rings? Art Deco engagement rings have geometric patterns and often feature colored gems like sapphire, ruby, or emerald in addition to diamonds. Shapes are BIG in Art Deco. So, you’ll often see large rectangular center stones, circular or square halos, or uniquely-shaped side stones.

What is a Deco engagement ring?

Art Deco rings are characterized by their geometric patterns, bold colors, and lots of jewels. The settings are usually platinum or white gold with a backdrop of white diamonds, and then brightly colors gems as the focus. Popular centerpieces include cushion, emerald, Ascher, and old-European cut stones.

Why is the hexagon so important?

Mathematically, the hexagon has 6 sides – what makes this particular shape so interesting is that the hexagonal shape best fills a plane with equal size units and leaves no wasted space. Hexagonal packing also minimises the perimeter for a given area because of its 120-degree angles.

What is a hexagonal diamond?

A hexagonal diamond is a six sided structure, offering a totally unique diamond shape. Known for their geometric lines and modern aesthetic, owners of hexagonal diamonds can be pretty sure that nobody else will have the same engagement ring as you.

How can you tell if jewelry is Art Deco?

Elements of Art Deco Style in Jewelry

  1. White Metals.
  2. Filigree.
  3. Repeated Geometric Motifs.
  4. Enamel.
  5. Colored or Opaque Stones.
  6. Pieces With Movement.

What did engagement rings look like in 1920?

1920s engagement rings were typically made of white metals, notably platinum or white gold. This was in contrast to the Victorian and Edwardian eras, when yellow and rose gold were commonly used. This was the metal color of choice and can be seen in most of the ring designs of this period.

What does Art Deco jewelry look like?

ART DECO CHARACTERISTICS Geometric Motifs: The most defining characteristic of Art Deco jewelry is geometric motifs. A variety of shapes with straight lines and angles, such as rectangles, triangles, and octagons were used together to create complex pieces that reflected the modern and streamlined spirit of the era.

What cut are Art Deco diamonds?

Learn what to look for in an emerald cut diamond. Another popular diamond cut of the Art Deco era was the faceted round brilliant, a precursor to today’s modern round brilliant cut diamond.