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What is a AOQL?

What is a AOQL?

The average outgoing quality limit (AOQL) is the maximum average outgoing quality (AOQ) for a given acceptance sampling plan for all levels of lot quality given that non-conforming lots are subjected to 100% inspection with replacement of non-conforming units with confirming units.

What is AQL and AOQL?

Single sampling plans are investigated for variables indexed by acceptable quality level (AQL) and average outgoing quality limit (AOQL) under measurement error.

What is ASN quality?

The ASN curve shows the average number of units inspected (y-axis) for different incoming qualities (bottom axis).

What is ATI curve?

The average total inspection (ATI) plot depicts the relationship between the quality of the incoming material and the number of items that need to be inspected, assuming that rejected lots will be 100% inspected and that a rectifying inspection of defective items will be performed.

What is Aoq and AOQL?

The AOQ curve gives the average outgoing quality (left axis) as a function of the incoming quality (bottom axis). The AOQL is the maximum or worst possible defective or defect rate for the average outgoing quality.

Why is AOQL important?

The average outgoing quality limit (AOQL) represents the maximum %defective in the outgoing product. The average outgoing quality (AOQ) depends on the incoming quality, the probability that the lot will be accepted, and the sample and lot sizes. When incoming quality is very good, outgoing quality is very good.

What is the difference between Aoq and AOQL?

What is ASN in sampling?

Acronym for Average Sample Number. ASN is the average number of sample units inspected per lot in reaching decisions to accept or reject. The ASN curve is a plot of ASN versus lot quality.

What is ASN statistics?

A quantity used to describe the performance of a sequential analysis given by the expected value of the sample size required to reach a decision to accept the null hypothesis or the alternative hypothesis and therefore to discontinue sampling.

What is ATI in sampling?

The average total inspection (ATI) is the number of units inspected per lot to take the decision for acceptance or rejection of the lot under rectifying sampling plan calling for 100% inspection of the rejected lots. If the lot quality is p, the average total inspection (ATI) for a single sampling.

What is the formula of ATI?

The Average Total Inspection (ATI) Finally, if the lot quality is 0 \lt p \lt 1, the average amount of inspection per lot will vary between the sample size n, and the lot size N. Let the quality of the lot be p and the probability of lot acceptance be P_a, then the ATI per lot is \mbox{ATI} = n + (1 – P_a) (N – n) \, .

What is single sampling plan?

Single sampling plan. A sampling inspection scheme in which a decision to accept or reject an inspection lot is based on the inspection of a single sample. A single sampling plan consists of a single sample size with associated acceptance and rejection number(s).