What is the meaning of preprocessor directive?

What is the meaning of preprocessor directive?

Preprocessor directives are lines of the source file where the first non-whitespace character is # , which distinguishes them from other lines of text. The effect of each preprocessor directive is a change to the text and the result is a transformation of the text that does not contain the directives nor comments.

What is the purpose of the preprocessor directive error?

A preprocessor error directive causes the preprocessor to generate an error message and causes the compilation to fail.

Which is not preprocessor directive?

Ans: #elseif is not any preprocessor directive, but #elif is.

What are preprocessor directives in CPP?

Advertisements. The preprocessors are the directives, which give instructions to the compiler to preprocess the information before actual compilation starts. All preprocessor directives begin with #, and only white-space characters may appear before a preprocessor directive on a line.

What are preprocessor definitions?

In computer science, a preprocessor (or precompiler) is a program that processes its input data to produce output that is used as input to another program. The output is said to be a preprocessed form of the input data, which is often used by some subsequent programs like compilers.

What is a directive error?

The #error directive emits a user-specified error message at compile time, and then terminates the compilation.

What is preprocessor error?

The directive ‘ #error ‘ causes the preprocessor to report a fatal error. The tokens forming the rest of the line following ‘ #error ‘ are used as the error message. You would use ‘ #error ‘ inside of a conditional that detects a combination of parameters which you know the program does not properly support.

Which of the preprocessor directive is preferred to indicate the error?

The #error preprocessor directive indicates error. The compiler gives fatal error if #error directive is found and skips further compilation process.

Which of the following is not a function performed by preprocessor?

In C programming language, preprocessor directive is a step performed before the actual source code compilation. It is not the part of compilation. When we try to compile a program, preprocessor commands are executed first and then the program gets compiled.