Are Thirty-One bags made in China?

Are Thirty-One bags made in China?

Thirty-One has 2,000 employees in four facilities at Easton, in Johnstown and in Springfield. Bag production is handled in China, but customizing is done here.

Is thirty-one made in America?

The headquarters of Thirty-one is based in Columbus, Ohio, US. Since the seats are in the US, so the products are also produced in the US. Though the manufacturing of bags is done in China, the finishing and completion are handled by employees in the US.

How much does it cost to be a 31 consultant?

How much does joining Thirty-One cost? There are currently (4/9/21) three Enrollment Kits to choose from: $59, $99, or $179. More information on the kits can be found at Thirty-One Enrollment Kit. From time to time, there are joining incentives ($1 Kit-Free Enrollment, 31% off Enrollment Kits, etc.).

Do grey handbags go with everything?

After black and white, gray is one of the most versatile handbag colors. You can choose a deep charcoal gray or go to the opposite end of the gray spectrum and select a light gray purse. You want to match your gray purse with the color value of the outfit you wish to wear.

What can you shop at thirty-one gift?

Shop all Thirty-One Gift products at once. Choose from trendy duffel bags, crossbody bags, insulated bags and more. Find the style that fits your life! LIMITED TIME!

What is the thirty one rewards for everyone offer?

From trends to creative inspo, tips & more. READ NOW LET’S BE FRIENDS Tag @thirtyone on your social posts. 1. Rewards for Everyone offer valid through December 30, 2021. Customers receive 50% off the regular retail price of one item with qualifying purchases of $50.

Is thirty-one gifts a direct selling company?

Thirty-One Gifts is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association and abides by their code of ethics. Privacy Policy Your California Privacy Rights Terms of Use © 2021 Thirty-One Gifts LLC

How do I contact thirty-one customer service?

Customer Service 866-443-8731 614-414-4438 M-F 9am – 5:15pm ET Contact Us Frequently Asked Question Return Policy Shipping Information Thirty-One Today