Did Jisoo kiss Snowdrop?

Did Jisoo kiss Snowdrop?

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s first on-screen kiss on Snowdrop caused chaos on Twitter as fans couldn’t stop gushing about it. Group member Lisa was among the many who were excited about the kiss.

Is there a kiss in Snowdrop?

Blackpink’s Lisa has the most epic reaction to Jisoo’s kissing scene with Jung Hae-In in Snowdrop; find out. In their latest LIVE, Lisa finally reveals whether she has seen the iconic kissing scene in Snowdrop, and the answer is of course yes.

Is Jung Hae-in Jisoo first kiss?

In between scenes, Jisoo pretends to practice her taekwondo and makes up funny words that entertain Jung Hae In. Later, the duo film inside the attic, where Jisoo brews Jung Hae In coffee and they share their first kiss.

Is there romance in Snowdrop?

If you can get past the seemingly piecemeal first episode, you’ll realize that Snowdrop has set up a multifaceted story that involves romance, espionage, and a historic time in South Korean history.

How old is Soo Ho in Snowdrop?

27 years old
Main. Jung Hae-in as Lim Soo-ho (27 years old), formerly named Lee Tae-san, alias Lim Soo-hyeok. He is a North Korean agent with a mission assigned in South Korea.

How old is Hae-in?

34 years (April 1, 1988)Jung Hae-in / Age

How old are Jisoo?

27 years (January 3, 1995)Jisoo / Age

Why Snowdrop is the title?

According to the fan, Jisoo’s character name was changed. But there was one major issue. “Jisoo’s character name is also the name of a real-life protester whose husband got murdered ( yes murdered ) due to being imprisoned, tortured, and malnourished.

Whats the story of Snowdrop?

Snowdrop walks a difficult and treacherous path — a love story of a North Korean spy and a university student — all in the backdrop of 1987, a year where many protesting students were accused of being North Korean spies and were brutally suppressed by means of arrest and torture.

Is Snowdrop true story?

The beginning of Snowdrop is set in the spring of 1987, and although JTBC claims the plot is totally fictional and not connected to reality, for many Koreans it is because of the democracy movement.

Who is the secret spy in Snowdrop?

Following the orders of Lee Kang Moo, Han Na (Jung Yoo Jin) also follows Kang Chung Ya around and bugs her home. Since no one outside of the dorm is aware of Kang Chung Ya’s true identity as a North Korean spy, there are many questions about whether she will actually go back to the dorm with the money.