How much does M&P Shield cost?

How much does M&P Shield cost?

The M&P Shield Plus Standard model has a price tag of $553 while the Performance model has a $896 price tag.

Which is better XDS or shield?

As you’ve seen, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is a tiny bit thicker than the Springfield XD-S, though the XD-S weighs more overall. However, these differences in their dimensions are so small that they’re negligible. Additionally, both guns are as capable and durable in the right hands, and with the proper care.

How much does a XD subcompact?

The 9mm XD Subcompact is a small striker-fired pistol with a polymer frame and forged steel slide….Specifications.

Caliber 9mm
Weight 26.0 oz
Frame polymer
Finish matte black
MSRP $399

Is the M&P Shield 9mm Ez a good gun?

Conclusions. Pros: The M&P 9 Shield EZ is of sufficient size to be wieldy, but still small enough for easy concealment. The easy-to-load magazines and easy-to-rack slide make this model perfect for many individuals who might otherwise have trouble with those two operations.

Is the Springfield XD a subcompact 9mm?

The Springfield Armory 9mm XD Sub-Compact Semiautomatic Pistol features a hammer forged steel barrel, a forged steel slide and a full-length guide rod.

Is the XD subcompact 9mm a good gun?

One of those guns was the XD Sub-Compact. The Springfield XD Sub-Compact is a fistful of firepower. It serves exceptionally well as both a concealed carry pistol and as a backup gun….XD. Sub-Compact Specifications.

Chambering 9mm
Weight 26 oz.
Overall Length 6.25″
Sights Three-dot
Grips Integral, polymer

Is the M&P Shield a compact or subcompact?

subcompact pistol
A number of handgun makers now offer semi-auto mini-pistols, and earlier this year S&W joined in this commercial fray with a new subcompact pistol, the M&P Shield.

Is the shield Ez a good carry gun?