What are three 3 characteristics included in a Code of Conduct Ethics for teachers that they must demonstrate in the workplace?

What are three 3 characteristics included in a Code of Conduct Ethics for teachers that they must demonstrate in the workplace?

Educators must demonstrate impartiality, integrity, and ethical behavior in the classroom, whether virtual or in-person and in their conduct with parents and coworkers.

What are the NSW code of ethics?

To work ethically means you must: act honestly. treat each other with dignity and respect and demonstrate high standards of personal behaviour consistent with the ethical values of the government sector (integrity, trust, service, accountability) promote these values and ethical ways of working to your colleagues.

What are the key values in the DET Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct draws on the Department of Education and Communities’ Statement of Ethics and the values that underpin our work: fairness, respect, integrity and responsibility. The Code is based on NSW legislation, regulations and Government policies and procedures.

Who does the NSW DOE Code of Conduct apply to?

The Code of Conduct should be read in conjunction with the NSW Public Service Commission’s Code of Ethics and Conduct for NSW Government Sector Employees , with which all government sector employees must comply. Employees must also comply with relevant legislative, industrial and administrative requirements.

What is considered unprofessional conduct for a teacher?

Unprofessional behavior by K12 teachers includes teachers who are uninterested in the success and wellbeing of their students, teachers who are unwilling to teach, and even those teachers who seem too busy with other things to teach.

What are the usual violations of the code of ethics committed by some teachers?

The most common ethics violations involved non-school-related criminal activity, sexual misconduct with students, failure to disclose previous crimes or license sanctions, physical aggression toward students, and endangering student health or safety.

What is the purpose of det?

The Department of Education and Training (DET) is committed to providing Victorian students with the best possible learning and development experience, and to making our state a smarter, fairer and more prosperous place. This cannot be achieved without highly professional, capable and ethical staff.

What does the DET do?

DET is responsible for administering the Victorian Government Schools’ International Student Program (ISP). DET is a Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) registered provider, under the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) National Code.

What happens when a teacher breaks code of conduct?

Temporary, casual or probationary teachers who breach the Code will be dealt with according to the terms of their employment. Disciplinary action may include a reprimand, termination of employment or other appropriate sanction.

Can teachers wear jeans Australia?

That staff wear clothing commensurate to a professional work environment and appropriate to the task being undertaken. That clothing such as jeans and shorts, other than on camp, casual shorts, shoe string tops or singlets, not be worn.