What does Allus mean in Yorkshire?

What does Allus mean in Yorkshire?


Yorkshire term Definition
allus always
‘appen maybe, possibly e.g. “I’ll ‘appen that’s it” for “that’s possibly true”
aye yes

What does Nesh mean in Sheffield?

“Nesh” Translation: “Cold” You’re outside and you’re shivering like mad, that would be cause for someone to come up to you and call you ‘nesh’. It basically means that you’re a bit of a wimp because you’re always cold.

What is a clout in Yorkshire?

1) A word of Old English origin, on record from a. 700. As a substantive it referred commonly to metal plates which were nailed to those parts of carts, ploughs and wains that were subject to wear and tear.

What does frame Thissen mean?

to work purposefully
1) As a verb it is still used in dialect to mean ‘to work purposefully’, and it is commonly employed in the admonition ‘frame thissen’. In the following reference the idea is that the horse has made a good start to its work on the farm: 1797 Leading lime and spreading it … Our new horse frames very well, Sessay.

What does Sen mean in Yorkshire?

Sen – meaning self. “

What does Neesh mean?

1 : an open hollow space in a wall (as for a statue) 2 : a place, job, or use for which a person or a thing is best fitted She found her niche in teaching. niche. noun. \ ˈnich sometimes ˈnish or ˈnēsh \

What does Charva mean in Bradford?

Charva also means “good friend” or “old friend” in Yorkshire slang. The word has been used for at least half a decade.

How do you say alright in Yorkshire?

REIGHT – right as in good, okay. Yorkshiremen use ‘right’ liberally in the sense of ‘really’ or ‘very’ as in: it was reight good.

How do you say hello in Sheffield?

‘Nah Then! ‘ is a common way to greet your fellow Sheffielders or to instigate a conversation. This can still be heard on the streets of Sheffield, where you might hear someone instigate a conversation with an old friend with the phrase ‘Nah then pal, how’s it going? ‘.

How do you say it’s cold in Yorkshire?

Parky – meaning cold.