Does nightmare Sans have Gaster blasters?

Does nightmare Sans have Gaster blasters?

I’m pretty sure Nightmare also uses the same slam attacks, black gaster blasters and black bones that other sanses use….About.

My Rating
Allignment Chaotic Evil (i think)

Who is Killer Sans?

Killer Sans was made by tumblr user Rahafwabas. Sans looks very similar to Classic Sans, but his eyes are spilling black goop, and only his right eye glows white. He still is a skeleton with a blue sweatshirt.

Who does papyrus have a crush on?


Can killer Sans use Gaster blasters?

Note: Killer! Sans has no Gaster Blasters except for one giant goop-spilling Gaster Blaster. Although its full power is unknown, he usually uses it either when he’s bored of his opponent or wants to end the fight very quickly.

What is cross sans afraid of?

Cross is afraid of cows because of their sound. The fear is bigger when he sees a black and white cow. His soul can be extracted out of his body when he is distracted and receives an attack or even a simple hit. He can’t travel to other AU’s for his own if he doesn’t get first an access to their main code or “routes”.

How old is Aliza Horrortale?

11 years old

How much HP does Underswap Sans have?

He is very positive and enjoys making tacos for his friends. He also can open his mouth. His stats are similar to Canon Papyrus’, being 20 HP, 20 ATK, and 20 DEF, but this in some (Maybe hard to find) versions, he has the same starts as classic Sans but different role.

Is Nightmare sans evil?

Nightmare is deceiving, erratic, unpredictable and evil. He told Cross and Dream that many villains were brought to their knees by him, such as Horror, Dust, Killer, Swapfell Red Sans, and Swapfell Sans. In his past, Nightmare was one of the kindest beings in the multiverse at the time.

Is Nightmare sans a girl?

Nightmare sans (female)

Is Dream sans a boy or girl?


My Rating
Gender Boy
Type of monster Skeleton
Crush ???
Family members Nightmare sans (brother)

Is Horrortale a real game?

This game is based on the comic by Sour Apple Studios. It will include soundtracks from teaser and videos created by Sour Apple. And please, before playing the game, play the original Undertale, because this story is a sequel to it. Welcome to HORRORTALE!