How do I get admission in MIT?

How do I get admission in MIT?

Along with the SAT and ACT, applicants must submit two SAT subject tests, one of which must be Math I or II, and the other of which must be Physics, Chemistry, or Biology. If you are not a native English speaker, you must achieve a minimum score of 90 on the TOEFL.

Can an Indian get into MIT?

MIT can take advantage of various US government programs to help students who are US citizens. MIT must use its own funds to help foreign citizens like Indian students, thus finance becomes a major problem for Indian students. so, if you want to get into MIT From India you need to be fluent in English.

Is there any exam for MIT?

Yes. In addition to the SAT or ACT, you will also have to take at least two SAT subject tests. These are tests that you can take to showcase your particular skills. As a math and science-focused institution, MIT requires you to take either the Math Level 1 or Math Level 2 subject test.

Can you get into MIT after 12?

Most U.S. students apply to MIT at the beginning of their final year of high school, and international applicants should do the same. Only accepted students are required to send final grades, and we understand that they will not be available until the summer months. Most applicants are 17–19 years of age.

Is everyone at MIT a nerd?

Basically everyone at MIT *is* smart and talented and deserves to be there. This does NOT mean that everyone is socially inpet, nerdy, or ugly. There is a huge variety of people at MIT, and some people do fall into these categories. But not nearly close to all of them do.

What is the best course in MIT?

Most Visited Courses

MIT Course# Course Title Level
6.0001 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python Undergraduate
18.01SC Single Variable Calculus Undergraduate
18.06 Linear Algebra Undergraduate
6.006 Introduction to Algorithms Undergraduate

Are MIT students geniuses?

MIT is about educating the entire student, not *just* the academics, and the college experience is not *just* the classes – it’s EVERYTHING. Yes, there are geniuses at MIT, even for MIT standards. I met plenty of them throughout my four years.