What are side comments?

What are side comments?

Side comments are parts of a conversation that are about a smaller detail. Oftentimes they are negative.

What is a plaudit?

1 : an act or round of applause. 2 : enthusiastic approval —usually used in plural received the plaudits of the critics.

What is a side remark?

interject. vb (tr) to interpose abruptly or sharply; interrupt with; throw in: she interjected clever remarks. to come between; interpose.

How do you use a side note?

Simply put, you can use “on a side note” to modify certain verbs. For example, you can say, “my boss kept commenting on a side note, forgetting the bigger issue at hand.” Here, what you are trying to say is that your boss kept commenting on a marginal issue rather than focusing on something more important.

What is another word for comment?

In this page you can discover 73 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for comment, like: commentary, remark, annotation, discuss, point out, criticize, affirm, interject, touch upon, say and bring out.

What can I say to a girl to brighten her day?

To give her a boost on any given day, it’s fun to say simply, “I love you,” “I’m thinking of you” or something extra romantic such as, “I can’t explain how glad I am to have you in my life” when you text a girl you’re dating.

Is thoughtful a compliment?

Generally, yes it is considered a compliment to be called “thoughtful.” “Thoughtful” may mean at least two things—one, sensitive and two, analytical. However, the inflection and tone of how something is said may well determine whether it was really meant as a compliment.

What is the meaning of NB?

nota bene

Is capable a compliment?

You may also have heard that someone “isn’t capable” of, say, committing a crime or hurting someone’s feelings. In this case, not being capable is a compliment — it means you just won’t let yourself do something to violate your own standards for behavior.

How do you abbreviate side note?

SN stands for Side Note.