What are the most used Spanish words?

What are the most used Spanish words?

The 100 Most Common Words in Spoken Spanish

Rank Word in Spanish Meaning in English
1 que that
2 de of, from
3 no no
4 a to

How do you respond to Hey whats up?

“What’s up” means “What’s happening.” I usually just reply “nothing.” because nothing is happening to me….But, there are alternatives, such as the usual reply to a greeting:

  1. Not much.
  2. Nothing. Yourself?
  3. I’m good, yourself?
  4. Good. How are you?

What do you reply to whos this?

The normal reply is “This is Judy” or “This is my mother”, not “It is”. Sometimes “this” and “that” swap places. One person may use one and another person use the other, meaning the same person or thing.

How do you describe someone in Spanish?

Spanish adjectives to describe a person physically:

  • ALTO (m) / ALTA (f) = Tall.
  • BAJO (m) / BAJA (f) = Short.
  • DELGADO (m) / DELGADA (f) = Thin.
  • GORDO (m) / GORDA (f) = Fat.
  • GUAPO (m) / GUAPA (f) = Good-looking.
  • FEO (m) / FEA (f) = Ugly.
  • JOVEN (m/f) = Young.
  • MAYOR (m/f) = Old.

How do you ask your family in Spanish?

Discussing Family

  1. ¿Tienes hermanos? – “Do you have any siblings?
  2. Sí, una hermana. – “Yes, one sister.”
  3. ¿Tienes hijos? – “Do you have any kids?”
  4. No, no tengo hijos. – “No, I don’t have kids.”
  5. ¿Cuántos en tu familia? – “How many in your family?”
  6. Tres. Yo, mi mujer y mi perrito.
  7. ¿Tienes alguna mascota?
  8. Sí, tengo un perro.

How do you respond to a stranger’s text?

When in doubt, just write back. A simple “sorry, I think you have the wrong number” should (hopefully) suffice. But if things start really getting out of hand, you can call your service provider and have that particular number blocked, usually free of charge.

How do you reply to what’s good?

The most common answer to what’s up is “I am fine, thank you, what about you?” The person who is asking this is enquiring about your well being at that very moment. Life is good.

When someone asks who are you what do you say?

What if you’re asked: “Who are you?” The automatic response is to give your name. By giving your name you feel you’ve answered that question. But once again the answer is incorrect. People can, and do, change their names.

What is the best reply of Wassup?

Folks the answer to wassup is “nothing much”, please don’t say any of the stuff like fan, sky, ceiling. That’s plain stupid and reflects poorly on the one saying it more than anyone else. I figured I had to write this answer coz everyone thinks it’s cool to say stupid stuff, no it’s not, it’s plain stupid.