What is a background investigation interview?

What is a background investigation interview?

The background investigator is required to find records and people who can provide us with your story. When we find conflicting or new information, depending on the discovered information and the requesting agency, we go back and ask you why you didn’t report the information.

What questions do they ask in a security clearance interview?

You’ll be asked if he has any arrests in his history, mental and emotional issues, foreign contacts, foreign travel, if he drinks alcohol and if so; how much, any drug use, financial issues, conduct issues in the military, misuse of information and technology (hacking), and whether or not he has any associations to …

How do I prepare for a security clearance interview?

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  1. Contact an Attorney for Legal Advice.
  2. Answer Security Clearance Forms Carefully.
  3. It is Important to be Honest.
  4. Gather Relevant Documents in Advance.
  5. Prepare for the Investigative Interview.
  6. Don’t React Defensively to Security Clearance Questions.
  7. Exercise Professionalism With the Investigator.

How can you fail a security clearance?

The Most Common Reasons for Being Denied Security Clearances

  1. A history of poor credit choices;
  2. Deceptive or illegal financial activities including theft, embezzlement, tax evasion, and other financial “breach of trust” problems;
  3. A history of unpaid or late-paid debt;

Why would a security clearance be denied?

The government may deny, suspend, or revoke your security clearance based on improper or illegal involvement with drugs. Disqualifying drug involvement may involve use of drugs like marijuana that are legal under state law but illegal under federal law. Drug abuse. Illegal drug possession.

Do they interview spouse for secret clearance?

For TS clearances if you list you are divorced or separated during the scope of the investigation (10 yrs) then the former spouse is interviewed as a part of the investigation. The only other time a spouse is interviewed is if they are the only ones who can verify periods of self employment or unemployment.

How much does a secret security clearance add to salary?

Bump in Salary From Clearance Level or Job Requirements The pay bump for Top Secret clearances is often cited as a 12% or $20K increase; however, you will be hard pressed to find full confirmation of firm numbers.

How long does security clearance take 2020?

The fastest majority of secret cases took a total of 89 days to complete in the third quarter of 2020, better than the 163-day average in 2019, according to DCSA data. Top secret clearances took an average of 135 days, well below the 305-day processing times from one year ago.

Can you talk about your security clearance?

The fact that you have a security clearance is not classified, so there’s no reason you can’t tell someone you have a security clearance. In fact, the State Department and other government agencies advise applicants who have a clearance to include this information on their resumes.

What will disqualify you from getting a security clearance?

Conditions that could raise a security concern and may be disqualifying include: A history of not meeting financial obligations; Financial problems that are linked to gambling, drug abuse, alcoholism, or other issues of security concern.

How do you prepare for a background investigation interview?

7 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Background Check Before Your Interview

  1. Run a Criminal Background Check On Yourself.
  2. Contact Courts to Rectify Any Inaccurate Information.
  3. Consider Criminal Record Expungement.
  4. Review Your Social Media Profiles.
  5. Review Your Resume For Truth and Accuracy.

Will I lose my top secret clearance if I marry a foreign?

Close contact with any foreign national is relevant for security clearance purposes if it creates a heightened risk of foreign influence, under Guideline AG 7(a). However, your spouse’s foreign citizenship will not disqualify you, as a matter of law, disqualification to your clearance.

Should you put security clearance resume?

The answer, generally speaking, is YES, you should include a security clearance on your resume. Not only is this is key requirement for many government contractor jobs, it also is a good mark of character for civilian employers.

How long does a security clearance interview take?

approximately one to two hours

Who pays for a security clearance?

The reality is employers don’t pay for security clearances. All costs related to a background investigation are paid for directly by the federal government, through appropriated funds. If an employer says they can’t put your security clearance application forward, it should be related to policy, not money.

What happens if you are denied a security clearance?

If you’re notified that your clearance will be or has been denied, you can appeal the decision. Executive Order 12968 gives security applicants two things: two levels of appeal—and that a “personal appearance” be afforded to the applicant at one of those levels of appeal.