Which is the highest place you have been to answer?

Which is the highest place you have been to answer?

I have been to Rohtangpas. It is about 4111 metres above the sea level.

What are the special features of houses in Leh?

The houses in Leh and Ladakh are made of stones. The walls of the houses are coated with mud and Lime. Most of the houses are found with two floors. The ground and the first floor.

Which animal hair is used for Rebo?

yak hair

Why does each family of Changpa put a special mark on their animals?

Each family put a special mark on their animals due to the following reasons: Explanation: This will help to treat and feed the specific animal when many animals are available as a pet. This helps in counting of animals and helps to determine whether an animal is missing from the group of pets.

Where Rebo is used as home?

Changpas live in a big cone shaped tent called Rebo. Lekha is a place where Changpas kept their goat and sheep. People in Ladakh dry fruits and vegetables in summer to store for winter when they do not get anything. In Srinagar people live in houses like house boat and “Donga”.

Why do people live together in a neighborhood?

People live together in a neighbourhood so that they can help each other during the times of crisis. They also live together so that they can share their happiness with each other.

How many people live in Changpa?

eighty nine

Which is the highest place you have been to?

Mount Everest has the highest elevation above sea level and hence, considered the topmost point.

What is Lekha?

Lekha is a place where Champs people keep their sheep and coats.

What is the other word for live?

What is another word for live?

dwell reside
stay board
inhabit lodge
abide bide
occupy settle

Where is Donga found?

The Donga river basin forests are located on the slopes and at the foot of the Mambilla Plateau, south-west of Gashaka-Gumti National Park (NG002). They include Baissa, Amboi and Bissaula River Forest Reserves as well as some areas of unprotected forests near the villages of Akwabe and Akoforo.

What is Lekha and Rebo?

Changpas are the special tribes which live in Changthang. Changpas live in a big cone shaped tent called Rebo. Lekha is a place where Changpas kept their goat and sheep.

What is Rebo class 5th?

Rebo is a cone-shaped tent. It is very warm from inside.It is mostly found in snowy places like Changthang. Changpa’s use this tent to live in. It is much big as a room.

What is tent Rebo made up of?

A rebo is made out of yak wool and is octagonal in shape. It has an opening in the roof to let out the chimney. The woollen tent is held together by stone walls.

Where do Changpas keep their animals?

The Changpa are semi-nomadic: they usually stay in one place for a few months in a row, near pastures where their sheep, yaks and Pashmina goats can graze. The Chanpga spend around 5-6 hours a day with the herd, and they are known for having a strong bond with their animals.

What is an earthquake Class 5?

An earthquake is the shaking of the surface of Earth due to the sudden release of energy in the Earth’s crust, as a result, seismic waves (also known as S waves)are created.

What is the occupation of Changpas?

Most of the regions that the Changpas reside in is quite inhospitable and unsuitable for farming. Thus, the primary occupation for the tribe is rearing of yaks, horses and sheep. Cashmere, also known as pashmina, is majorly sourced from the pashmina sheep that the tribe rears.

Why do we need a house Class 5?

House is a place in which we live. All living being such as animals birds humans, need a place to live. It keeps us safe from bad weather such as rain, sunlight, storm and other natural disasters. That’s why we need a house.

What is Rebo called?

Rebo is a big tent (shelter) which protects changpas (nomadic people residing in Ladakh and Jammu and kashmir) from extreme cold environment. Changpas live in rebos alongwith their herds of cattle.

What do you know about Changpa?

The Changpa or Champa are a semi-nomadic Tibetan people found mainly in the Changtang in Ladakh and in Jammu and Kashmir. A smaller number resides in the western regions of the Tibet Autonomous Region and were partially relocated for the establishment of the Changtang Nature Reserve.

Why is tourism picking up in Ladakh?

Ladakh, sometimes referred to as Little Tibet, is popular with tourists because it is home to one of the purest remaining examples of Tibetan Buddhist culture. Tourism, a major contributor to Ladakh’s cash economy, has brought clear economic benefits to the minority involved in this trade.

At what height was it did you have any difficulty in breathing there?

Did you have any difficulty in breathing there? Ans. Kullu is about 2000 metres from the sea level. Yes, I found it difficult to breathe when I was there.

How is Rebo made?

Rebo is a tent which is made of sheeps and goat skin and woven from yaks hair it size usvery huge. Rebo is atent that is made of sheeps and goats skin and wiven from yaks hair it is very huge.

Are there different types of houses in the place where you live if yes think about the reason?

Ans. Yes, there are different types of houses in the place I live. Some of them are made up of cement, bricks, glass, steel. Apart from these, some houses are made up of mud, bamboo, grass etc.