Who betrayed Edmond Dantes?

Who betrayed Edmond Dantes?


Is the Count of Monte Cristo a long book?

The average reader will spend 25 hours and 3 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute). Thrown in prison for a crime he has not committed, Edmond Dantes is confined to the grim fortress of If.

What happens to Mercedes in Count of Monte Cristo?

At the end of the novel, Mercédès is left with nothing to live for, aside from the hope that Albert might somehow improve his own life. She is the character whose suffering is the most complete, despite the fact that there are others who bear far more guilt.

Who does Edmond Dantes end up with?

As a reward, Dantès is promised a captainship, but before he can claim his new post and be married to his fiancée, Mercédès’, a conspiracy of four jealous and unsavory men arrange for him to be seized and secretly imprisoned in solitary confinement in the infamous Chateau d’If, a prison from which no one has ever …

Is Count of Monte Cristo worth reading?

It is definitely worth a read, and definitely one of the great classics. Did the book Ben-Hur copy The Count of Monte Cristo, or was it the other way around?

What type of book is The Count of Monte Cristo?

adventure novel

Why is Mondego jealous of Edmond Dantes?

Terms in this set (20) Baron Danglars is jealous of Edmond Dantes because of his success and promotion to captain position on the Pharaon. Edmond Dantes was arrested because Baron Danglars framed him for treason.

Is the Count of Monte Cristo a vampire?

When he finally escapes (the means of his escape and the scenes that follow are masterful here), he returns to his home as another man, the Count of Monte Cristo, and seeks his revenge. This version differs quite a bit from the original. Monte Cristo is a vampire and he wreaks havoc on those around him.

What disease does Abbe Faria have?

In the case of Abbé Faria, Dumas portrays an old man who had three successive episodes of cerebral apoplexy with effusion that resulted in hemiplegia, probably referring to intracerebral haemorrhages, the last of which was fatal. Faria’s father had died in exactly the same way after three episodes of cerebral apoplexy.

How long is the original Count of Monte Cristo?

20 years

Is the Count of Monte Cristo a hero or a villain?

Edmond Dantès, fictional character, the hero of the novel The Count of Monte Cristo (1844–45) by Alexandre Dumas père. When Dantès is imprisoned as a young sailor because of the treachery of four acquaintances, he spends the rest of his life plotting and then carrying out plans for revenge against his betrayers.

How many years to the day is Edmond imprisoned in the Chateau d if?

14 years

What does dantès threaten to hit his guards with?

Chapter 8: The Château D’If There, Dantès demands to see the governor and violently threatens the guard when he is refused this privilege. As punishment, Dantès is sent down into the dungeon, where the insane prisoners are kept.

What was Edmond Dantes accused of?


How hard is it to read The Count of Monte Cristo?

The Count of Monte Cristo is a big book, and it requires more than a bit of discipline and patience to finish. Last, but certainly not least, it’s important not to overlook the many allusions to history and literature that Dumas has packed in (you can see the list over in the “Shout-Out” section).

How Does Count of Monte Cristo end?

Faria tells Dantès about a treasure hidden on the uninhabited island of Monte Cristo and then dies. Dantès sews himself inside Faria’s burial shroud and is flung into the sea. He frees himself and is rescued by a crew of smugglers.