Who is the owner of Word Network?

Who is the owner of Word Network?

Kevin Adell
The Word is the largest African-American religious network in the world….A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject.

Type Religious broadcasting
Owner Adell Broadcasting Corporation
Key people Kevin Adell (CEO) Ralph Lameti (CFO)
Launch date 2000
Zuku TV (Kenya) Channel 896

How much does it cost to be on the Word Network?

“The Word Network makes its programming available to Comcast and other cable providers at no cost, even though our network has a large and devoted audience.”

Does the word network still exist?

The rent-by-the-hour religious Word Network got the word on its complaint against Comcast Corp. — dismissed. Comcast did not unfairly punish, or violate the government’s conditions on its deal for NBCUniversal, when it dropped the Word from about 7 million homes on Comcast cable systems in early 2017.

How do I contact the Word Network?

Word Network

  1. 20733 W 10 Mile Rd. Southfield, MI 48075.
  2. (248) 357-4566.

What is Bishop George Bloomer doing now?

He now hosts the television show, The Battleground, every Saturday night on TCT Network. As an entrepreneur, he founded Blooming House Publishers, Blooming Records and other for profit businesses.

How old is the word network?

In 1883 a distribution network of electrical cables is first referred to, and in 1914 a wireless broadcasting network. What about the two component words? Net is the more interesting word. This word is first recorded in English in the writings of King Ælfréd, in his translation of Boethius from about the year 888.

How many homes does the word network reach?

The Word Network is seen in 21 million homes in the United States through DirecTV, Time Warner, Adelphia, AT, Charter Communications, Comcast, Cox, Insight Communications, Millennium Digital Media and a host of smaller Cable operators and broadcast stations.

How old is George Bloomer?

59 years (January 23, 1963)George G. Bloomer / Age

Who is Bishop George Bloomer wife?

Bishop Bloomer resides in Durham, North Carolina with his wife Jeanie; his beautiful children and grandchildren.

What is the origin of the word network?

1550s, “net-like arrangement of threads, wires, etc., anything formed in the manner of or presenting the appearance of a net or netting,” from net (n.) + work (n.). Extended sense of “any complex, interlocking system” is from 1839 (originally in reference to transport by rivers, canals, and railways).

Why is TD Jakes not on TV anymore?

“The T.D. Jakes Show” has been canceled after only six months. Bob Sullivan, Tegna senior vice president of programming, said the cancellation came because of poor ratings. After half a year, the talk show had been viewed by only 60 percent of the country.