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Are Tubbs Snowshoes any good?

Are Tubbs Snowshoes any good?

Accordingly, the Tubbs Flex RDG is one of the easiest snowshoes on this list to put on (at least for us) and therefore a top pick for those who love simplicity. It’s also very comfortable and cinches evenly around the foot without creating any pressure points.

Is Tubbs Snowshoes still in business?

The Tubbs Snowshoe business has been a presence in Stowe for about 100 years. Tubbs will maintain a business office in the United States, but now that the factory has closed… Tubbs snowshoes will be produced offshore.

What is the difference between mens and womens snowshoes?

1) Length – This is the smallest difference but women’s snowshoes are typically shorter due to the average weight of the user. 2) Width – Women’s snowshoes are narrower. A woman’s gate and stride is much narrower than a man’s, so the snowshoes are narrower to avoid the user from stepping on the sides.

Who owns Tubbs Snowshoes?

K2 Inc.
K2 Inc. announced Oct. 20 that it acquired WinterQuest, parent company of Tubbs Snowshoes, Atlas Snowshoe Co. and Little Bear Snowshoes, for an undisclosed amount.

Where are Tubbs made?

Based in Seattle, Washington, in the shadow of always snow-capped Mt. Rainier, Tubbs is a member of the K2 Sports family of world-leading winter sports and outdoor recreational brands.

Are Tubbs Snowshoes Made in USA?

Tubbs snowshoes, along with other snowshoes from other K2 brands such as Atlas, are no longer entirely produced in the USA. Despite a long tradition of producing snowshoes that began in 1906 in Norway, Maine, Tubbs was one of the first major snowshoe manufacturers to move production to China.

How do you choose Tubbs Snowshoes?

Tubbs Snowshoes recommended loads are based on light, dry snow conditions. Powder snow may require a larger snowshoe.

How much do Tubbs Snowshoes weigh?


Traditional Size 25 M 36 M
User Weight* (lbs) 120-200 220-300
Flex Series Size Flex XL 28 M
User Weight* (lbs) 190+