How do you beat Rom, the Vacuous Spider in the chalice dungeon?

How do you beat Rom, the Vacuous Spider in the chalice dungeon?

An easy strategy is to bait the ice attack, run towards the boss and to the left, hit once, run away, and repeat. If you’re playing in Co-op, then take a flank each when you come to attack Rom directly and let loose with fire and bolt attacks.

Is ROM harder in the chalice dungeon?

3 A Harder Battle With Her Awaits In The Chalice Dungeons As the boss of Layer 3 of the lower Pthumeru Chalice, Rom is fought in a small, crowded room, where her minions are tough to keep track of and her wide AOE attacks are much tougher to avoid.

Which chalice dungeon has rom?

Elden Ring – The Loop

Rom, the Vacuous Spider
Affiliation Kin Great Ones
Locations Byrgenwerth, Chalice Dungeons: Pre-set chalice dungeons: Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth Root chalice dungeons: Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth Isz Gravestone Pthumeru Ihyll
Drops Kin Coldblood (12), Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice

What is ROM weak to Bloodborne?

Weaknesses. Rom is weak to Fire and Arcane damage while being very weak to Bolt damage. This makes any weapon possessing attacks infused with these elemental types a solid choice to use again the Vacuous Spider. However, she takes a normal amount of damage from purely physical weapons.

How hard is rom the vacuous spider?

Rom, the Vacuous Spider isn’t the most difficult boss you’ll face in Bloodborne, but he does have a very, very narrow margin of error. All you have to do is rush up to his sides — his head is heavily armored — ignore the smaller spiders he spawns in, and attack him as quickly as possible.

What happens after rom the vacuous spider?

After beating Rom, the Vacuous Spider, you probably saw some monsters in the area. If you wish to kill them and collect the items, take the lamp to Hunter’s Dream and then access the Grand Cathedral Lamp. If you prefer to continue pushing forward, scroll down to our section for Yahar’gul, Unseen Village.

What level should I be to fight ROM?

Recommended Level: 60 There are two key strategies against Rom that will mean the difference between a hard fight and a mildly difficult one. The first is to ignore the lesser spiders, even though their size in numbers can be intimidating and distracting.

Is the one reborn a great one?

The One Reborn is a minor antagonist and boss in Bloodborne. This large abomination of a creature was created as a test to ascend humanity to that of a Great One.

What should I do before killing ROM?

Before battling Rom, the Vacuous Spider, visit the NPC window in the Cathedral Ward and speak to the lady of negotiable affection there; her name is Arianna. Tell her the Cathedral is safe so she goes there. Do not send the NPC from the Forbidden Woods to the Cathedral, or he’ll kill Arianna and everyone else.

Who is the 3rd boss in Bloodborne?

Blood-starved Beast is the third boss you’ll fight in Bloodborne. You can find it in a church in Old Yharnam. It’s an extremely fast creature with poisonous attacks, but it’s also vulnerable to fire.