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Can gardenias stay outside in winter?

Can gardenias stay outside in winter?

A gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides) will not survive winter outdoors in your zone. The hardiest gardenias are rated only to USDA Zone 6 (minus 10 to zero degrees).

Do gardenias do well outside?

Gardenias thrive in temperatures above 73 degrees Fahrenheit, so it will do well outside. If temperatures drop below 55 F, bring the pot inside, and place it in an areas that receives at least eight hours of indirect sunlight.

What is the best location for gardenias?

Select a site with full sun to light shade. Although a Gardenia plant prefers full sun, some shade is appreciated during the warmer months of the year or its leaves may scorch and its buds may fall off if they get too much sunlight. In hot climates, Gardenias grow best with morning sun and afternoon shade.

What temperature is too cold for a gardenia tree?

Gardenias are grown for their large, sweetly fragrant flowers and glossy evergreen foliage. They are meant for warm climates and sustain substantial damage when exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees F. (-9 C.).

What do you do with gardenias in the winter?

Steps To Care For Gardenias in Winter

  1. Step 1 – Prune your Gardenia in the late summer.
  2. Step 2 – Turn off water to outdoor planted shrubs.
  3. Step 3 – Move Gardenias in containers to warmer locations that receive sunlight.
  4. Step 4 – Keep soil moist and apply a slow release fertilizer.

How do I protect my gardenia in the winter?

On the fringes of the recommended climate zones, you can protect gardenias in winter by covering them with a blanket or cardboard box during brief cold snaps. A cardboard box large enough to cover the shrub without bending the branches is a must when temperatures drop.

How do you look after outdoor gardenias?

Mist the leaves frequently in hot weather, but not when in flower, as water on the flowers may discolour them. Over spring and summer keep the compost moist, but not saturated. Over winter, when the plants are not growing, reduce the watering, without allowing the compost to dry out between watering.

When can I put gardenias outside?

Fall or spring is the most suitable time for planting the gardenia bush. As for outdoor gardenia care, you should keep in mind that when the gardenia plant is grown outdoors, it generally prefers to be kept in partial shade. Gardenias also prefer moist, but well-drained, acidic soil with plenty of organic matter.

Should I cover my gardenia?

Care for Frozen Plants One method of keeping outdoor gardenias safe is to cover them with cloth when the temperature is expected to drop to freezing or below. If gardenias do freeze during the winter months, prune them down to ground level; they may grow new foliage and bloom the following summer.