Is Noumea New Caledonia safe?

Is Noumea New Caledonia safe?

Generally speaking, New Caledonia is a very safe tourist destination. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take a few precautions. You should avoid driving at night, particularly in the bush (outside the Greater Nouméa area).

What is the best time to visit New Caledonia?

The months of May, June, September, and October offer the best of both worlds in New Caledonia – great weather and less crowds. These months are the ideal time for water sports, sightseeing, and getting good deals of hotels.

Is New Caledonia expensive to travel?

Is New Caledonia Expensive to Visit? New Caledonia has developed a reputation for being an exceptionally expensive destination. Reports suggest that the cost of living is about 20% to 37% more expensive in New Caledonia than in Australia or New Zealand.

How many days do you need in New Caledonia?

It’s very easy to get around and three full days should be enough to visit most of the island. When there is no cruise boat, there aren’t many tourists around Mare. The coast is splendid and I appreciated the authenticity of the places we visited. Locals were super welcoming and the island still looks pristine.

What language do they speak in Noumea?

French is the official language in common use in New Caledonia, with a number of colourful local expressions you’ll come across during your stay! The Kanak languages ​​are also widely spoken throughout the country.

Is it safe to swim in New Caledonia?

The authorities in New Caledonia monitor shark alerts closely, carry out regular patrols, and provide beach-goers with information about which beaches to avoid. Generally speaking, swimming is not recommended: in ports and harbours, close to boat moorings and marinas. in turbulent waters near pipes or river mouths.

How cold does it get in New Caledonia?

Temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold. It hovers between 20-22°C during the cooler months (July/August) and 27-28°C during the hotter months (December/January/February), you’re very unlikely to need cosy fleeces to warm you up during your time in New Caledonia, unless you’re staying up in the mountains.

What kind of food do they eat in New Caledonia?

7 Must-Try Gastronomic Experiences in New Caledonia

  • BOUGNA. Bougna is perhaps the most traditional of all traditional Melanesian dishes and if there’s one dish you MUST try, this is it.
  • POE.

Can I use Australian dollars in Noumea?

Currency Exchange in New Caledonia Money changers readily accept US dollars, Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars, euros, and even Vanuatu vatu. But you’ll need proof of identity for any exchange. Banks are open between the hours of 7.30 am and 3.45 pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

Are there snakes in Noumea?

Snorkelling grandmothers uncover large population of venomous sea snakes in Noumea. A group of snorkelling grandmothers who swim up to 3km five days a week have uncovered a large population of venomous sea snakes in a bay in Noumea where scientists once believed they were rare.