Why was Static Shock Cancelled?

Why was Static Shock Cancelled?

Static Shock was ultimately cancelled due to the low production of associated merchandising products.

What episode does Richie get static shocks?

“Gear” is the second episode of the third season of Static Shock. It first aired on February 1, 2003, and depicts the transformation of Richie Foley into the superhero Gear.

What is the last episode of Static Shock?

Power OutageStatic Shock / Final episode

“Power Outage” is the series finale of Static Shock. It first aired on May 22, 2004. Static and Gear notice that many Bang Babies are reverting to human.

What episode does Static Shock tell his dad?

In “Kidnapped” after being kidnapped by Puff and Onyx under the request of Dr. Roberts (Omnara), Virgil’s dad figures out he’s Static since he was kidnapped in order to get to Static.

What episode does Static meet Batman?

Future Shock
“Future Shock” is the fourth season premiere of Static Shock. This is a crossover with Batman Beyond and technically The New Batman Adventures. When helping Batman and Robin with a mission, Static ends up travelling 40 years into the future.

What episode was Superman on Static Shock?

Toys in the Hood
“Toys in the Hood” is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Static Shock. It depicts the appearance of Toyman and Superman in Dakota.

Does Static Shock find your sister?

He promises this will be the last time and that no one will get hurt, causing her to come along. At the arena, Sharon confesses she had found out about Virgil being Static, but he keeps dodging her.

Who knows Static identity?

List of people who know Static’s secret identity

Person/Entity First Learned/Established in
Shaquille O’Neal Static Shock, “Static Shaq”
Madelyn Spaulding Static Shock, “Attack of the Living Brain Puppets”
Bruce Wayne/Batman Static Shock, “Hard as Nails”
Ebon Static Shock, “Gear”

Does Static Shock have a son?

The episode “Future Shock” reveals that by the time of Batman Beyond, Static is considered one of the world’s greatest heroes; he also has a son who is hinted to be a hero as well.

Is Static Shock returning?

The changes were made to update the character for a modern audience. Following a long hiatus, Milestone Media is returning with DC Comics to publish three digital-first series, including Static: Season One, Icon and Rocket: Season One, and Hardware: Season One.