What do you mean by desired accuracy?

What do you mean by desired accuracy?

The accuracy of the location data that your app wants to receive.

What is accuracy research?

Accuracy (i.e., validity) refers to whether or not an instrument or method truly measures what you think it measures. Researchers want accurate or valid study procedures so that study results are useful and meaningful.

How do you describe accuracy?

the condition or quality of being true, correct, or exact; freedom from error or defect; precision or exactness; correctness. Chemistry, Physics. the extent to which a given measurement agrees with the standard value for that measurement.

What is CLLocation Swift?

Overview. A CLLocation object contains the geographical location and altitude of a device, along with values indicating the accuracy of those measurements and when they were collected. In iOS, a location object also contains course information — that is, the speed and heading in which the device was moving.

What is Mkmapview?

An embeddable map interface, similar to the one that the Maps app provides. iOS 3.0+ iPadOS 3.0+ macOS 10.9+

What is accuracy in qualitative research?

Qualitative researchers also conduct their research in such a way as to maximize the accuracy of the data. Accuracy should not be confused with “truth.” Accuracy in the data refers to gaining information that comes as close as possible to what the research participant is thinking or experiencing at any moment in time.

What are some examples of accuracy?

Accuracy refers to the closeness of a measured value to a standard or known value. For example, if in lab you obtain a weight measurement of 3.2 kg for a given substance, but the actual or known weight is 10 kg, then your measurement is not accurate. In this case, your measurement is not close to the known value.

How do you add Nsphotolibraryusdescription?

Introduction :

  1. Step 1 : Click on the root file and click on the Info tab.
  2. Step 2 : Expand the Custom iOS Target Properties tab.
  3. Step 3 : Right-click on any key row and click on Add Row.
  4. Step 4 : Add the key as NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription with type String with value as the description.