Do law Centres give free advice?

Do law Centres give free advice?

A number of organisations can give you free advice and information, regardless of your income.

Do you have to pay a solicitor for advice?

Some solicitors give 30 minutes’ legal advice for free. Some offer a fixed fee – that way you’ll know in advance what the advice will cost. You can call a solicitor’s office and ask if they offer a free half hour or a fixed fee. A free or fixed-fee appointment can help you find out your rights and legal position.

How long does legal aid take UK?

85% of applications for civil legal aid are processed in 20 working days. 85% of applications for more funds to progress a case are processed in 10 working days.

Who can give legal advice UK?

The UK’s Legal Services Act 2007 includes the giving of legal advice within the definition of unreserved legal activities, which means that it can be provided by any person not just an officer of the court.

What advice do law Centres give?

Law Centres offer legal advice, casework and representation to individuals and groups. Spotting local trends and issues in the course of their work, they highlight them to bring about necessary policy changes and to prevent future problems.

Do you have to pay back legal aid UK?

If you have kept or gained money or property from the case, you will need to repay your legal aid costs to the LAA after the case ends. This is done through the ‘statutory charge’. The charge is made by law on the money or property concerned.

Is a solicitor an Authorised person?

“solicitor” includes any person who, for the purposes of that Act, is an authorised person in relation to an activity which constitutes the conduct of litigation (within the meaning of that Act).”

How many law Centres are there in the UK 2020?

There are currently Law Centres in 41 locations across the country. They are supported by the Law Centres Network, their membership body.