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Where does Kirkintilloch Rob Roy?

Where does Kirkintilloch Rob Roy?

Guy’s Meadow Stadium
Kirkintilloch Rob Roy FC presently play our home matches at Guy’s Meadow Stadium, Cumbernauld, home of Cumbernauld United FC. The link below will allow you to obtain directions to get to the Stadium.

Where do Dee banks play?

Aberdeen, United KingdomBanks O’ Dee F.C. / Location

What level is Junior football Scotland?

tier 6
Junior football The term ‘junior’ refers not to the age of the players but the level of football played. These two regions joined the pyramid system at tier 6 below the Highland League in 2021–22.

Where is Beechwood Park football ground?

Edinburgh, Scotland
Beechwood Park, initially known as Bank Park, was a football ground in the Leith area of Edinburgh, Scotland….Beechwood Park, Leith.

Location Edinburgh, Scotland
Coordinates 55.9639°N 3.1629°WCoordinates:55.9639°N 3.1629°W
Record attendance 7,000
Surface Grass

Where do Rob Roy play?

Guy’s Meadow
The team currently play their home games at Guy’s Meadow, home of Cumbernauld United, whilst they wait for a new home ground to be built in Kirkintilloch….Kirkintilloch Rob Roy F.C.

Full name Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Football Club
Founded 1878
Ground Guy’s Meadow, Cumbernauld
President Neil Anderson
Manager Stewart Maxwell

Is Highland league professional?

The league sits at level 5 on the Scottish football league system, acting as a feeder to the Scottish Professional Football League. Founded in 1893, it is currently composed of 18 member clubs in a single division….Highland Football League.

Founded 1893
Current: 2021–22 Highland Football League

What are people from Kirkintilloch called?

Communities in and around Kirkintilloch include: Cleddans; Harestanes; Hayston; Hillhead; Oxgang; Rosebank; Langmuir; Greens; Fauldhead; Waterside; Westermains; Lenzie: Gallowhill: Whitegates; Back O’ Loch; Woodilee; Broomhill etc.

Why was Kirkintilloch a dry town?

Kilsyth, Kirkintilloch, Wick and Lerwick were amongst those turned dry after local vetoes were held following the passing of the 1913 Temperance Act. A further 35 ballots led to limits on alcohol sales.

Who got relegated from Scottish league 2?

Brechin City
Scottish League Two Bottom side Brechin City were relegated after losing their two-legged play-off to Lowland League winners Kelty Hearts – who will take their place in League Two, with Brechin expected to join the Highland League for 2021-22.