How many police station are there in Paschim Medinipur?

How many police station are there in Paschim Medinipur?

20 Police Stations
After bifurcation of Jhargram Police District, Paschim Medinipur currently has three Sub-division and 20 Police Stations.

Who is the IPS of Paschim Medinipur?

Sri Dinesh kumar
Districts and Local Govt

Name of District Name Residence/ Mobile
Paschim Medinipur Sri Dinesh kumar
Purba Medinipur Sri Amarnath K 03228 269602
Purulia S. Selvamurugan 03252 222304
Raiganj Md. Sana Akhtar 03523 246461, 03523 246427

Who is the dig of Kharagpur?

Surajit Kar Purkayastha

Surajit Kar Purkayastha IPS
Born 1 January 1957 West Bengal, India
Nationality Indian
Education Mechanical engineering and PGDIT
Alma mater IIT Kharagpur and IIFT, New Delhi

Why Paschim Medinipur is famous?

Midnapore is notable for its contribution in the history of Indian freedom movement since it has produced many martyrs. During the British Raj, the city became a centre of revolutionary activities, such as the Santal Revolt (1766–1767) and the Chuar rebellion (1799).

Who is the DM of West Bengal?

Districts and Local Govt

Name of District Name E-Mail
Murshidabad Shri Sharad Kumar Dwivedi, dm.murshidabad
Nadia Shri Shashank Sethi
North 24 Parganas Shri Sumit Gupta
Paschim Bardhaman Shri S. Arun Prasad

Who is the SP of Asansol?

Shri Sudheer Kumar Neelakantam, IPS has taken over the command of this Commissionerate as Commissioner of Police, Asansol Durgapur since 28.08. 2021.

Is Purba Medinipur a city?

Purba Medinipur (English: East Medinipur, alternative spelling Midnapore) district is an administrative unit in the Indian state of West Bengal….

Purba Medinipur District
Division Purba Medinipur
Headquarters Tamluk
• Lok Sabha constituencies Kanthi (Contai), Tamluk, Ghatal (partly), Medinipur (partly)

How many subdivision are there in Purba Medinipur?

4 Sub-Division
There are 4 Sub-Division and 25 nos of Blocks under Purba Medinipur District….Subdivision & Blocks.

Sl.No. Name
1. Panskura-I
2. Panskura-II (Kolaghat)
3. Tamluk
4. Sahid Matangini

Who is the DG of West Bengal?

West Bengal Police
Gazetted Officers 200 IPS officers
Minister responsible Mamata Banerjee, Department of Home (West Bengal)
Agency executive Shri Manoj Malaviya, IPS, DGP
Parent agency Department of Home (West Bengal)

What is the population of Paschim Medinipur?

Paschim Medinipur is one of districts of West Bengal in India, Paschim Medinipur population in 2022 is 6,297,653 (estimates as per aadhar Dec 2020 data).