What does Ellie say to Carl in Up?

What does Ellie say to Carl in Up?

Unbeknownst to her husband, Ellie had added photos of their happy life together in the Adventure Book and a final message saying: “Thanks for the adventure – now go have a new one!” It is only near the end of the film – after mourning her for several years – does Carl finally come across the new content, reinvigorating …

Did Ellie and Carl have a miscarriage in up?

It’s heavily implied that Ellie suffered a miscarriage, and the fact that we never see the couple with kids seems to indicate that she isn’t able to carry a baby to term. Even though there’s no audible dialogue, that scene packs a punch. It’s also pretty notable for an animated film.

What is a quote from the movie up?

Carl: “Look, why don’t we play a game I know? Whoever is quietest for the longest time wins.” Russell: “Oh great! My mom loves that game!”

Who said adventure is out there in UP?

Charles Muntz
As Charles Muntz said, “adventure is out there”! This statement been proved in the most adorable way by Walt Disney in the movie ‘Up’. Disney’s ‘Up’ is an Oscar winning movie that is based on the story of a 78-year-old widow, Carl Fredricksen, who sets out to fulfill his wife, Ellie’s, lifelong wish.

Is Ellie older than Carl?

Ellie was one year younger than her husband. If she was still alive, she would have been 78 years old, the same age as Carl.

What was Carl’s promise to Ellie?

Eventually Carl grows up and marries Ellie. They promise each other that they will travel together to Paradise Falls and build a house there.

Is Ellie infertile in Up?

Then, in what is basically the saddest movie montage of all time, we learn that Ellie later discovered she was infertile. Instead, the couple decided to spend the money they would have spent on children, travelling the world.

What killed Ellie in Up?

Then one day, while out on another picnic with her husband (who was planning to surprise her with the plane tickets he had bought), she collapsed from a heart attack or something like that and became hospitalized.

Is Russell from Up?

Portrayed by. Jordan Nagai (films, etc.) Russell is the deuteragonist of Up. He also appeared in Dug’s Special Mission once again as a supporting character and in George & A.J., this time as a minor character.

What is the wilderness explorer motto?

A Wilderness Explorer is Friend to All, be it Plants or Fish or Tiny Mole Wilderness Explorer Motto. The Wilderness Explorers are the scouting organization featured in the 2009 Disney/Pixar animated feature film Up that Russell is a part of.

Who said you will always be my greatest adventure?

13. “You are my greatest adventure.” –Mr. Incredible, The Incredibles.

How old is dug from up?

A 78-year-old curmudgeonly balloon salesman, is not your average hero. When he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the wilds of South America, he finally fulfills his lifelong dream of adventure.