Is Predjama Castle worth visiting?

Is Predjama Castle worth visiting?

That may be true if you are from Europe and have visited many castles, but if you are from North America, it is definitely worth a visit. It is an awesome sight driving up to it. It is a Castle built right into a large cave, several floors high. There are rooms decorated from that period.

Why is Predjama Castle famous?

A Fairytale Castle Embraced by Rock The impregnable medieval marvel has been perched in the middle of a 123-metre-high cliff for more than 800 years. Behind the largest cave castle in the world, there is a network of secret tunnels, from where the knight Erazem of Predjama would set out on his plundering expeditions.

Can you see Predjama Castle without paying?

Access & Entrance to Predjama Castle Tour You can purchase combined tickets with entrance to the Postojna and Skocjan caves. But if you want to save money, you don’t have to enter, you can admire the castle and its strategic position from the outside for free. Entrance is only at the entrance gate.

Can you tour Predjama Castle?

From May to September, you can also visit the picturesque Cave under Predjama Castle. A tour of both of the cave’s upper levels takes around 45 minutes and is easy enough to be done by children from the age of six.

Who built the Predjama Castle?

History of the castle The castle was first mentioned in 1274 with the German name Luegg, when the Patriarch of Aquileia built the castle in Gothic style. The castle was built under a natural rocky arch high in the stone wall to make access to it difficult.

Why was Predjama Castle built?

The first mention of Predjama Castle was in 1274, when it was said that a Gothic style castle was built here due to the protection that the cave supplied. Nestled into the rocks, it would have been quite difficult to access the castle, which made it the perfect hideaway.

Who built Predjama Castle?

How much does it cost to visit Predjama Castle?

Entrance to the Castle is 11,90 € and to the Caves 23,90 € (Adult prices) There is a combined ticket which also allows you to visit various exhibitions with the two. You can book all tickets online which saves queuing.

Where is the biggest cave in Europe?

It is the second-longest cave system in the country (following the Migovec System) as well as one of its top tourism sites….

Postojna Cave
Location Postojna, Slovenia
Coordinates 45°46′57.6″N 14°12′13.2″ECoordinates: 45°46′57.6″N 14°12′13.2″E
Depth 115 m (377 ft)
Length 24,120 m (79,130 ft)