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What is NAT masquerade in mikrotik?

What is NAT masquerade in mikrotik?

Masquerade. Firewall NAT action=masquerade is unique subversion of action=srcnat , it was designed for specific use in situations when public IP can randomly change, for example DHCP-server changes it, or PPPoE tunnel after disconnect gets different IP, in short – when public IP is dynamic.

What is the importance of NAT in mikrotik network?

Along with the Network Address Translation (NAT), it serves as a tool for preventing unauthorized access to directly attached networks and the router itself as well as a filter for outgoing traffic.

What is source NAT and destination NAT?

Destination NAT translates the destination addresses and ports of packets. Source NAT translates private IP addresses into public IP addresses so that users on an intranet can use public IP addresses to access the Internet.

What is mangle in MikroTik?

Mangle is a kind of ‘marker’ that marks packets for future processing with special marks. Many other facilities in RouterOS make use of these marks, e.g. queue trees, NAT, routing. They identify a packet based on its mark and process it accordingly.

What is masquerade for WAN?

For a WAN port, what masquerade does is allocate an unused port for the WAN public interface, change the source addr of the exiting packet to the WAN public addr, change the source port to the allocated port, and create an association between the allocated port and the original addr/port pair unless such an association …

What is the difference between NAT and masquerading?

Masquerading is a special form of Source NAT where the source address is unknown at the time the rule is added to the tables in the kernel. If you want to allow hosts with private address behind your firewall to access the Internet and the external address is variable (DHCP) this is what you need to use.

What is difference between static NAT and destination NAT?

– Destination NAT supports access internal IP through IP public from the Internet and is also unidirectional connection. – Static NAT is known 1-1 mapping.

What is Mark packet in MikroTik?