Is Homestyler for free?

Is Homestyler for free?

Homestyler offers a free Basic plan for everyone to design and render a full interior design project with unlimited 1K renders and full access to our 100K+ furniture models.

Does Autodesk own Homestyler?

Autodesk® Homestyler allowed users to create 2D and 3D floor plans and home pictures on their Floor Planner platform. If you are worried about the stability and sustainability of working with Homestyler now that Autodesk is not behind it anymore, continue working on your projects with Cedar Architect now!

Can I download Homestyler?

Yes, you read that right, this wonder is indeed free, you can download it on Google Play Store and AppStore. For those who want to live the Homestyler adventure on the big screen, there is a version available on PC (from Windows 8 to 10) and on Mac.

Who created Homestyler?

Originated from the prototype of project Dragonfly developed by Autodesk in 2009. Homestyler brand now offers two different home décor solutions: the Homestyler Floor planner, that you find on our website and the application Homestyler, that is available for both iOS and Android devices.

What is Coohom?

Coohom is a FREE interior design application that helps Interior designers, architects, house owners, students, and real estate agents, etc. to quickly draw the 2D/3D floor plan & rendering.

Is Coohom Chinese?

The inception of Coohom The three used their collective connections in China to secure funding from investors such as IDG Capital, and the site went live. The three decided to name it Kujiale, which means “cool home” in Mandarin. Fast forward to today, Kujiale boasts nearly 70% of China’s interior design market.

Is floorplanner easy to use?

Floorplanner offers an easy to use drawing tool to make a quick but accurate floorplan. Draw walls or rooms and simply drag them to the correct size.