Who owns Boordy Vineyards?

Who owns Boordy Vineyards?

Today Boordy is managed by Rob Deford, his wife Julie, and son Phineas. Rob’s sister Sally Deford Buck, who lives next to the vineyards with her husband Bayly, enjoys a scenic bike ride to her work at the winery.

Is Boordy Vineyards open?

Boordy welcomes visitors MONDAY – SUNDAY to taste our handcrafted wines with a Wine Flight in our Tasting Room, on the Patio, and on the Lawn. The Wineshop sells wine by the bottle and by the case.

Can you bring food into Boordy?

Only food purchased at Boordy is permitted in the Barn, Tasting Room & Winecellar. You may not bring in alcohol other than Boordy wines. Service dogs are welcomed, no other pets allowed.

What time does Boordy Vineyards open?

Boordy is open Mon- Sat from 10.00am-5.00pm & Sun 12-5pm.

Is boordy Riesling sweet?

Riesling is lightly sweet and aromatic balanced with nice acidity. Boordy Blush is a lightly sweet blush wine with melon and strawberry notes. Terra Maria is a Chambourcin-based fruity red blend that’s meant to be food-friendly.

Is Boordy Vineyards dog friendly?

RAIN OR SHINE for all activities at Boordy. SERVICE DOGS are welcomed, but no other pets are allowed. ALCOHOL other than Boordy wine may not be brought in. UNEVEN GROUND & NATURAL HAZARDS: Visiting Boordy is a rural experience, please watch for uneven ground and natural hazards.

What wine is Maryland known for?

Maryland wine is wine made in the U.S. state of Maryland. The industry has grown rapidly since the first winery in Maryland, Boordy Vineyards, opened in 1945. It is estimated that the industry contributes $50 million annually to the Maryland economy….Maryland wine.

Wine region
Size of planted vineyards 250 acres (101 ha)

Is linganore winery dog friendly?

Enjoy a pop-up dog park, local animal vendors, live music, and a food truck along with wine and beer! We ask that all pets be friendly, leashed, under the control of a responsible adult and display a current rabies vaccination.