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What are sterling shower walls made of?

What are sterling shower walls made of?

solid Vikrell® material
Made with solid Vikrell® material, this shower end wall set has no layers to chip, crack, or peel and color is molded throughout. The modular design allows it to be moved around corners and through doorways with ease.

What is Sterling Vikrell made of?

What is Vikrell? Vikrell is actually the brand name for a particular material used to build bathtubs and other bathroom fittings. This material is made with a combination of fiberglass and polyresin. The fiberglass itself consists of plastic and fine glass fibers.

What is a Vikrell tub?

Vikrell is one brand of many in the realm of poly composite bathtubs and other home fixtures. With Vikrell, the underlying material of the tub consists of fiberglass and polyresin. Basically, it is comprised of very thin fibers of glass, along with plastic.

How do you clean an acrylic shower stall?

Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth or sponge when cleaning. A textured sponge will scratch or damage surfaces. Clean the shower weekly with a mild cleanser and water to prevent soap scum and grime build-up. Wet & Forget Shower is a no-scrub weekly shower cleaner that is gentle on acrylic and fiberglass surfaces.

How do you clean an old shower stall?

Here’s a homemade solution that can help you when cleaning your shower stall:

  1. Mix 1/2 cup vinegar, 1 cup ammonia, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1 gallon hot water.
  2. Apply it to the walls of the shower with a sponge, scrubbing with a brush, if necessary, to remove all the scum.
  3. Rinse well with clear water, and wipe dry.

What is a good size shower stall?

The standard size of shower stalls for homes should be 30 inches by 30 inches. However, a lot of showers are designed to be larger to provide users with more room to move around. A shower that measures a minimum of 36 inches by 36 inches is ideal to provide comfort and safety.

What is the standard size of a shower stall?

The most common sizes are 32 x 32 inches and 36 x 36 inches, while the smallest standard shower pan size is 30 x 30 inches.

What is the ensemble shower stall made of?

With a unique curved design, the Ensemble shower stall pairs a fresh look with exceptional functionality. Built of solid Vikrell (R) for material strength, durability and lasting beauty, it features a smooth, shiny surface that’s easy to clean.

Why choose conconvenient shower stalls?

Convenient shelves add plenty of storage, and a shaving ledge/footrest adds comfort. With a unique curved design, the Ensemble shower stall pairs a fresh look with exceptional functionality.

What is the wall height of an alcove shower stall?

Compare Similar Shower Stalls & Kits current product Wall Installation Type Direct-to-stud Direct-to-stud Direct-to-stud Direct-to-stud Shower Type Alcove Alcove Alcove Alcove Wall Height (in.) 72.25 77 76.75 72 View Product View Product View Product View Product

How big is the threshold on a Vikrell shower door?

4-1/2″ (114 mm) threshold. Durable high-gloss finish. Center drain. Three-piece tongue-and-groove walls with snap-together installation. Convenient shelves, shaving ledge/footrest. Alcove. Some caulk required for proper installation. Made from solid Vikrell® material for strength, durability, and lasting beauty.