Are Weed Eater attachments universal?

Are Weed Eater attachments universal?

Although Echo weed eater attachments are often marketed as “universal,” they actually aren’t compatible with a number of brands. “Universal” is a term used to imply that the attachment is compatible with more than one or two devices, rather than compatibility with literally every device.

Who makes Weed Warrior Trimmer line?

Shakespeare Company
Product information

Product Dimensions 1.38 x 6.75 x 7.5 inches
Manufacturer Shakespeare Company
Country of Origin USA
Item model number 17066

What are recommended accessories for an electric trimmer?

Trimmer Accessories

  • Attachments. Trimmer Attachments.
  • Heads. Trimmer Heads.
  • Trimmer Blades.
  • Line. Trimmer Line.
  • Safety Gear. Trimmer Safety Gear.
  • Straps. Trimmers Shoulder Straps.
  • Kits. Trimmer Kits.
  • Racks. Trimmer Racks.

What are the parts of a string trimmer?

String Trimmer Parts

  • Air Cleaner Assembly.
  • Anti Vibration Mounts.
  • Attachments.
  • Batteries And Accessories.
  • Bearings & Bushings.
  • Blade Guards.
  • Breather.
  • Brushcutter Blades.

Will Ryobi attachments fit Kobalt?

Answer: I got a Ryobi Expand-It edger attachment that mates perfectly. The Expand-It attachments all have a universal connection that works with many brands including Kobalt.

What is nylon trimmer line?

Most trimmers operate with an industry-standard cutting line. This line is most often made from a hardened, monofilament nylon line. These cutting lines range in diameter, which tells you how durable the lines are; the thicker the line, the less it will break.

How much does a Weedeater cost?

A weed eater reaches under and around obstacles, helping to keep driveways, walkways, flower beds, and fencing neat where a lawn mower can’t. High-end trimmers cost well north of $400, but for $250 or less, you can find a cheap gas or electric trimmer that will do your yard proud.