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What does self-curing mean?

What does self-curing mean?

A cure effected by a person suffering from a disease, disorder, etc., without medical intervention; (also as a mass noun) the action or practice of curing oneself without medical intervention.

What are the differences between heat cured acrylic resin and self cured acrylic resin?

The principal difference between self-cure and heat-cure resins is that more residual monomer is present in the self-cure resins. In addition, with a high monomer to polymer ratio, residual monomer content in the polymerized acrylic resin would be large.

What is a self-curing resin?

any resin that can be polymerized by chemical catalysis rather than by the application of heat or light; used in dentistry for dental restoration, denture repair, and impression trays.

What is heat cure acrylic?

Heat cure acrylic resins are the most commonly used denture base materials. The important limitation is they may act as reservoir of microorganisms. The adherence of microorganisms can be reduced by chemical modification of the surface charge of denture base resin.

What does dual cure mean?

dual-cure res·in a resin that uses both light and chemical initiation to activate polymerization.

How long does cold take to cure acrylic?

Figures. curing technique- 15 minutes); G3) cold cure acrylic resin (Ivomat curing technique- 20 minutes). acrylic polymerized chemically on air and under hydraulic press.

What is denture base resin?

Definition • DENTURE BASE: The part of a denture that rests on the foundation tissues and to which teeth are attached. • RESIN: A broad term used to describe natural or synthetic substances that form plastic materials after polymerization. –

What is self cure composite?

C-R Hybrid is a multi-purpose, self-cure composite that features deep curing and controlled shrinkage towards the tooth. The result is a restoration that exhibits less internal stresses than a light-cured restoration. C-R Hybrid is polishable and available in a universal shade to work in most deep preparations.

What is auto cured material?

Auto- Cured. Hardened or set by a chemical reaction of tow materials. Ceramic. Hard, brittle, heat-and corrosive- resistant material such as clay. Coupling agent.

What is hybrid dental resin?

Dental glass hybrids are materials with unique features. These materials combine the physical properties inherent in resin composites and the easy adhesion and fluoride release of glass ionomer cements (GIC).

How do you treat composite?

The process of curing of composite resins occurs in three main phases: pre-gel, gel point and post-gel. During the pre-gel phase, the material may flow and undergo molecular rearrangement, in order to compensate shrinkages forces. During this phase, there is a predominance of linear polymer chains.